Double Barrel: Highland Park & Bowmore

Now this is an interesting one, I saw this once or twice, I heard about it but never quite had a chance to try it. We got this bottle as a pressie for our birthday so this is not a review as such (can’t really say I’m impartial here). Just a few words about what’s in the bottle… and curious stuff I found there.

Double Barrel – Islay & Orkney (10yo)
Bottler: Douglas Laing
One cask each of Highland Park and Bowmore
46% ABV
£34.95 from Master of Malt

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Colour: Now, I normally don’t talk about this but this one is curiously pale. I am sensing re-fill casks. Good.

Nose: Sharpish at first, begs for water. Sweet banana foams, marzipan potatoes and vanilla ice cream all mashed together and burned.

Palate: At first very bitter, grows through chemical to oaky to fruity. Pronounced and with serious balls.

Finish: This is where the real smokiness happens.

Overall: Yes please. A good balance of different flavours and aromas. Shows characteristics of both distilleries and in this marriage almost manages to create a synergy. Opens up with water and time. The price tag of £35 is ok too.