A Quick Dram: Eagle Rare 17 year old

I hardly ever get the chance to drink and write about American Whiskey. OK, occasionally I am in Bourbon Bars (I was here with a friend the other day) but I prefer to write my tasting notes when I am alone, so as not to be rude to the person I am with.

Sitting at my desk, I noticed a wee sample of Eagle Rare 17 year old. A perfect opportunity to drink and write about American Whisky! All I have heard about all day is double dip recession this and drop in GDP that. Time for a dram and a moment away from the troubles that are current affairs.

Eagle Rare 17 Year Old
Small Batch Release from Buffalo Trace Distillery
45% Abv
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Nose: Raisins, limes, milk chocolate. This is sweet, but has depth too. Creamy with hints of vanilla. This is almost like a bourbon combined with a sherried Speyside Scotch. Pastries and cream. The more I smell it, the more cocoa I get.

Palate: Big strong taste of dark chocolate. Slight hints of the raisins and lime, but mostly dark chocolate. I haven’t had such a chocolatey dram since Glenmorangie Signet.

Becomes lighter and sweeter. More of the milk chocolate on the finish.

Overall: This is superb. If I could afford to have a whisky in my cabinet particularly for desserts and when I have a hot chocolate, then this would be it. I will definitely think about it.