Greenore 18yo + The Black Keys

Greenore 18 and The Black Keys

The Breaks by The Black Keys is on the headphones as I struggle with the seal. 20 minutes to midnight. Another 18min and that sentence would have been bang on the title of another good track. Recorded much earlier, though, and much closer to where I’m sitting now. And by people from a different era sure enough.

By the time I take a whiff it’s on to Leavin’ Truck. Biscuit dipped in paint stripper. Fantastically industrial. Very punk. Wet soil and chestnut. You should listen to this band. She Said, She Said. Taste is all about vanilla and biscuit. Just a touch of citrus there, boys and girls, but I don’t really care cause even though you know what you know, I know that I’m ready to leave. Woohoo. So much better than The Beatles. Both the band and the whiskey.

Greenore 18yo is good juice, not unlike Scottish mature grains I’ve tried. But hey, Cooley, I liked the smoky nutcracker better!


PS. You probably think that tagging this as ‘review’ is a fucking joke:) Haha


  1. Chestnut is the same flavor profile that made me fall for Glenmorangie, also the 18 yr old.

    …I never know how to describe; wet soil, earth, stone, bog. Better than “hard to describe,” I suppose though.


  2. I love Glenmorangie 18. Superb stuff.

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