A man in a kilt: a man and a half


I saw this in the Scotland on Sunday yesterday (an excellent Sunday paper). I had to laugh at the advert. Firstly, because it was quite funny (see, we Scots can laugh at ourselves). Secondly because clearly Scotch is becoming far too successful. Rum companies are having to tailor their marketing against Scotch. Behind this advert, Rum companies are basically saying they want people to drink local. I agree with that sentiment. People should try and support their local businesses as well as enjoying our brilliant Scotch.

Thirdly, because it is misguided. A man in a kilt is a man and a half. In my experience, women love to see a man in a kilt and if my travelling is anything to go by, they love to see what a Scotsman keeps under his kilt (in certain nightclubs I’ve been to in Europe, I had to hold my kilt down for dear life).

Lucas and I have a few theories as to why a kilt is a lady attractor:

  • You feel more confident wearing one. People are attracted to confident people.
  • You stand out from the crowd
  • It improves your posture, so you stand up straight and you have no pockets to put your hands in
  • It’s a conversation starter. People ask: Which part of Scotland are you from? What  tartan are you wearing?
  • You can keep your wallet and phone in your sporran. No unsightly wallet or phone bulges in your jeans.
  • You just look awesome.

Edinburgh Whisky Blog in 21st Century kilts

(photo courtesy of Rosie Barnes-Brett)

Check out where Vin Diesel, Robbie Williams and many others purchased their kilts here

Do our Female readers agree with the kilt, or am I deluded?



  1. I don’t think they are saying ‘drink local’. More like ‘drink rum in Scotland – it’s not gay’.

    We have been aware of the merits of good rum forever, Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh saw more than a few of our hard-stolen pennies. But I am still to try a rum that will knock my socks off, perhaps I need to go to Trinidad for that ;)


  2. “You feel more confident wearing one. People are attracted to confident people.”

    Or: You actually have to be very confident, in the first place, to put one on.

  3. Sorry, to clarify this is part of a billboard campaign being run in Trinidad. Each of the billboards are going to aimed at getting drinkers away from Scotch.

    Eg: Rum don’t walk (vaguely lampooning the Walking man)
    And angels in rum drink 10% because Angels enjoy Rum more than Scotch. All pretty harmless I reckon, but it is rare to see aggressive marketing like this.

  4. One of my best friends from college was a bartender in Trinidad and she claimed most the club and a lot of her friends were transgendered. So the sign should read, “In Trinidad men dance with WOMEN who are MEN in skirts”


  5. @Swift Haha;)

  6. I agree with your sentiments about the ad, and about kilts for that matter. Further, it also seems to me that the knock on kilts in the ad is CLEARLY a sign that Trinidadian men are not comfortable with their manhood/sexuality….

    Or it could be that we are reading way too much into this and the ad is just an excuse to show a pretty lady in a short skirt next to their product. ;)

  7. Anyone ever had that drink she’s hocking. I love Angostura bitters, but I don’t recognize the bottle. Maybe it’s a memory lapse (oh no, it’s already starting)


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