Nick Nairn, Grant’s Whisky and Ludo

I am a man of habit in the Morning. I get up, make coffee and munch muesli. I switch on my PC and I generally scan as many Whisky Blog’s as possible, as well as reading the Guardian, Just Drink’s and the Daily Mash (To my employers: this is all before I start work!).

I enjoy reading Ludo’s Blog. He is Global Brand Ambassador for Grant’s Whisky. We interviewed him a while back . I am interested in his day to day work as an Ambassador, because I still harbour the ambition of being an Ambassador for a Whisky I love one day.

I really enjoyed this blog post, so I thought I would share it with you. Not only because it shows the varied nature of being an Ambassador, but I took note of Nick Nairn’s recipe. I will be cooking this for a lucky lady soon. (Note to self: have to find a lucky lady first!).


Check out Ludo’s Blog here and buy the hugely underrated Grant’s Ale Cask here.

February 9th 2011
A Day with Nick Nairn


I certainly would not call myself a chef. I can cook basic meals but life on the road (or rather in the air) as a global ambassador often takes me to restaurants and the odd fast food chain. I’ll admit it – I was a tad nervous when I received an invitation from Nick Nairn, restaurateur and celebrity chef, to attend his Cook School near Stirling. The menu, which included dishes like lobster risotto and chicken saltimbocca, didn’t fill me with confidence either.


(Me making fresh pasta)

However, I am not one for turning challenges down and as the course started at 10am, I immediately started to feel better – not just because the tone and pace were relaxed but mostly because Nick spoke about harmony and the importance of using good ingredients – something we are very aware of when blending whiskies for Grant’s. Before I knew it, I was back on familiar ground, nosing fresh spices and orange and lemon zest.


(One of my creations)

The going did get a little bit tougher as we learned how to make our own pasta and spent 22 minutes (exactly!), stirring Carnaroli rice to make the lobster risotto but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I think both the novices and the experts in the group got a lot out of the day.


(Me with the man himself. Nick Nairn)

Nick’s passion for good food is infectious and I did promise myself to try more of his recipes, starting with his collops of beef with whisky sauce….Grant’s Ale Cask sauce to be precise. Check the video below, it really does look delicious!

Bon appétit!


Remember, Valentine’s day is coming up. Take note of this video recipe to wow your other half.


  1. I do a bit of catering myself to pay for grad school. The pasta turn out tender? I’d love to find a way to introduce whiskies into cooking. It’s alway wine, and I do love that, but whiskies are so strong. Cognacs always have to be reduces all the way.

    Good for you. Keep it up. Cookings relaxing too.


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