Pick up a bottle of Japanese Whisky

Just a thought. If you’re not big into donating your hard-earned pennies to charities, if you like to know where your money goes exactly but still can’t just sit and watch idly as events in Japan unfold on your TV screen, why don’t you nip out to your local whisky shop or click through to your favourite on-line retailer and pick up a bottle of Japanese whisky? Sure, it doesn’t really help here and now but long-term economic consequences of the earthquake and tsunami may hit Japanese society as hard as the catastrophe itself. And there is the obvious egoistic side to such ‘charitable’ action – an evening with a friend or two over a bottle of goodness. I went for Yamazaki.

Yamazaki 12yo
43% ABV
£35.95 from MoM
(use our promo code – see sidebar!)

Nose: My nose is still 4-5 inches from the rim of the glass and I already know I’m going to like what’s in there. Preconception? I don’t think so. Even from such a distance it’s sweet, forceful and elegant. I stick my sizable hooter in one of those fancy Spiegelau snifters and I’m enchanted. Werther’s Original, almonds, lemon sorbet and layers over layers of honey. It’s all wrapped up beautifully in hints of biscuits.

Palate: Marzipan on the entry, more honey and notes of dried damson plums. Mouth-watering and juicy yet still mellow and light. Gorgeous.

Finish: Refined is the word. Best thing about this whisky by a mile, slightly bitter and considerably oaky with delicate rays of smoke shining through. It develops forever, then you think it’s gone… and it bursts out again. Unchallenged.

Overall: It is powerful and polite, sophisticated yet down to earth. It has all the characteristics of a much older whisky.



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