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Just a thought. If you’re not big into donating your hard-earned pennies to charities, if you like to know where your money goes exactly but still can’t just sit and watch idly as events in Japan unfold on your TV screen, why don’t you nip out to your local whisky shop or click through to your favourite on-line retailer and pick up a bottle of Japanese whisky? Sure, it doesn’t really help here and now but long-term economic consequences of the earthquake and tsunami may hit Japanese society as hard as the catastrophe itself. And there is the obvious egoistic side to such ‘charitable’ action – an evening with a friend or two over a bottle of goodness. I went for Yamazaki.

Yamazaki 12yo
43% ABV
£35.95 from MoM
(use our promo code – see sidebar!)

Nose: My nose is still 4-5 inches from the rim of the glass and I already know I’m going to like what’s in there. Preconception? I don’t think so. Even from such a distance it’s sweet, forceful and elegant. I stick my sizable hooter in one of those fancy Spiegelau snifters and I’m enchanted. Werther’s Original, almonds, lemon sorbet and layers over layers of honey. It’s all wrapped up beautifully in hints of biscuits.

Palate: Marzipan on the entry, more honey and notes of dried damson plums. Mouth-watering and juicy yet still mellow and light. Gorgeous.

Finish: Refined is the word. Best thing about this whisky by a mile, slightly bitter and considerably oaky with delicate rays of smoke shining through. It develops forever, then you think it’s gone… and it bursts out again. Unchallenged.

Overall: It is powerful and polite, sophisticated yet down to earth. It has all the characteristics of a much older whisky.




  1. Fantastic idea, guys! I need a new bottle of Hibiki anyway.

    One thought – the terms “Jap” and “nip” are highly derogatory terms for your Japanese friends. I’m guessing you’re not aware of that but us yanks in the US (being that we created the terms) and the Japanese in general are highly aware and sensitive to the those words. Not trying to be a priss, just thinking that your post might be taken in the wrong way with those words in there…

  2. Thank you for pointing it out. Changing currently

  3. Also, if anyone was offended, many many apologies.

  4. What the fuck did just happen? I turned my back for a few hours and Joshua and Chris did a little political correctness raid on my post? WTF!?

    I was treated like a right idiot here. And I am so tempted to say a few things but perhaps it’s a better idea to sleep on it and then chat with a cool head.

  5. …or perhaps to leave out the casual rascism in future posts? The most emabarrassing thing is that you didn’t even know how offensive those terms are. And not just to US readers.

  6. Did you actually read the post? Do you think anyone in Japan would find the text offensive? Do you think my plea stems from concern or racial prejudice?

    As to “nip”, you are right, I didn’t know it had any derogatory meaning at all, had to google it. But look at how it’s used! Is “nip out to the shops” offensive? You better tell me if it is because I use it all the time and people must think I’m a right racist bastard. Now when I think about it, my favourite barman in my favourite whisky bar in Edinburgh says “it’s a fiver a nip, son” to me sometimes. I shall never go there again.

    Finally, being a Pole in the UK I am used to a good deal of banter about it as well as displays of actual xenophobia. Perhaps because I have experience in telling the two apart I never gave some of the wording a second thought.

  7. So it’s just a coincidence that you used the phrase ‘nip out to the shops’ in a post about Japanese whisky? Wow, how unfortunate. I’m sure you wrote the post for the right reasons, but your ignorance of the derogatory nature of your comments and the terms you used is worrying. Jap whisky? Did you really think that this ‘banter’ as you call it was ok? It’s really not.

    Yes, I did read the post; yes, I did think it was casual rascism; yes, I did think the word ‘nip’ was deliberate and clearly I’m not the only one. Using other examples/meanings of the word in your justification is missing the point entirely.

    I’m sorry if you have encountered xenophobia as a Pole in the UK, but I would have thought that should make you more sensitive to this sort of issue. I notice you still haven’t apologised for any offence your carelessness/ignorance has caused your readership. By the way, it’s not just Japanese people who get offended by it.

  8. Sorry to start any strife here. Lucas, I did not think your use of those terms were malicious in anyway and wouldn’t have thought you would have used them in such a manner. That’s why I pointed it out – I figured you weren’t aware so I tried to just throw a little light on the subject. Wasn’t trying to be PC… Me be PC? That’s funny.

    Wishing you and Chris the very best! And again, I apologize for any strife, misunderstanding, yadda-yadda-yadda…

  9. @Jimbo

    It is a complete coincidence that I said ‘nip out’ in the post. It really doesn’t matter how many people think otherwise, the truth has nothing to do with democracy.

    As to the somewhat careless use of the word ‘Jap’, you are right in pointing out I haven’t apologised yet. Hereby I do, to you and anyone who took offence. Because you feel so strongly about this, the word has now been removed from the post.

    Having been subject to xenophobic treatment I AM sensitive to it. I’d like to think I understand what it is about. And perhaps I used the word ‘Jap’ because I knew I wouldn’t take any offence in a parallel situation.


    Sorry about my diva strop last night:P And thanks for being vigilant and making valid suggestions.

  10. More to the point, you’re using an appalling international disaster to encourage people to buy a product which, I’m assuming, you will get a cut of if they use your promo code?


    Profiteering at it’s very, very lowest.

  11. First you say you are ‘assuming’ we get money from MoM and then you pass on judgement as if you were sure we did.

    We actually don’t get a cut of from our promo code, we pass on the entire discount to our readers. So next time why don’t you check your facts before you publicly accuse someone of profiteering.

  12. I actually went out and bought a Jap whisky before I read this post. I am going to have a nip of it tonight


    I also belive you only are a racist or offending someone if you mean to be. Some terms might be offending in some parts of the world and not at all in others. As long as you mean well you are a good guy in my world.

    All my sympathies to victims of the japanese catastrophes. I really do think that the energy in the anger shown her by Batfink and Jimbo is very misplaced and disrespectful to the hosts here who are trying to do something good about a bad situation


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