Make it 2 Bushmills

On more than one occasion Chris and I have expressed how much we love the Irish. What for exactly? For being utterly, brilliantly, barking mad! Just watch the video and don’t tell me you don’t think this is the best competition in the world!! We. Are. So. Entering. This! Roooaaaarrr!

Enter here on St. Patrick’s Day


  1. Yet another competition I can’t join…

    It actually annoyed me quite a bit I spend 15 minutes reading about it and getting excited and then the country list were at the bottom….


  2. Ah, sorry mate:/

  3. Don’t excuse, I didn’t get on their site via you guys, but was on their mailing list :-)

    I got contacted last week if I wanted to be on their mailing list, as they have been following my blog for a while. And I said yes

    Maybe they didn’t notice my blog was called DANISH whisky blog :-) , or maybe it isn’t just americans who think Denmark is the capital of Germany, Netherlands or Sweden :-)


  4. Silly sausages. But don’t worry, in Scotland every child knows that Denmark is the capital of Norway!

  5. Well, I have experienced several times that (some) danes think that Scotland is a part of England, instead of a part of UK, which is nothing to be proud of :-)


  6. We get that a lot ;P

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