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Master of Malt blending kit

What a moment of joyous epiphany it must have been when boys and girls at Master of Malt came up with this idea. I just can’t imagine the train of thought, I mean how do you arrive at a crazy place like this in your head? And how can you tell total rubbish of similar sort from true PR gold? Perhaps I shall never know. The bottom line is, the trick is working on us, we just got down into blending whisky for MoM.

This little stunt is nothing less than a by-invite-only competition for ten or so whisky blogs from around the world, mostly people we know all too well and you must have heard about. Master of Malt supplied us and our respectable adversaries with a selection of excellent grain and malt whiskies (clicky photo above), some blending utensils, a spreadsheet… and a task. To throw together a blend with provided juice and to make it the bestest, tastiest and craziest value for money our sick minds and noses can possibly conceive.

Upon receipt of all the recipes MoM will recreate them in their HQ and offer to the general public as sets of 10 sample bottles via their website. Anyone who purchases the lot will be asked to cast a vote and by this simple mean to help raise one blend above all others and grant its creator(s) eternal glory and 70 virgins (of the gender of choice) upon his/her/their arrival in heaven. Atheist? Perhaps 70 virgins on Earth would have to do then, although there surely aren’t enough of them in Scotland… which means Chris and I, provided we win, would have to settle on the second option – an opportunity to help to develop the winning blend as a full-blown product, give it identity and breathe soul into it… yes, my darlings, the winning concoction is getting bottled!

Blending for Master of Malt

One morning we just found an email offering us to do this in our inbox. As you can imagine, after letting out massive roars, scaring the living daylight out of neighbours with shouts of joy and excitement, crippling each other for life with countless herculean pats on backs and raising our hopes sky high by endlessly ensuring each other that ‘we have practically won it already’, we registered our interest with Master of Malt and a short while later received all the goods. The selection of whiskies is excellent, the task is challenging and the game is definitely on.

We will report back to you on our progress regularly. Any day now Chris will give you some more detailed information on what arrived in the pack. Then we will describe/show you the very blending process, talk you through who we think our whisky would appeal to and why and, finally, we will produce some terribly pretentious tasting notes for the finished product. If you are looking forward to it quarter as much as we are, you must be pissing your pants.



  1. I want to play this game! The only difference between men and boys is the cost (smell) of their toys.

  2. Spot on, Davide!

    I’m scratching my head in wonderment at all of the coincidences that are occurring at the moment: John Glaser comes to St Andrews and I fall in love with both him and his whiskies; I post up reviews on the Hankey Bannister range together Dewar’s 18yo, and then I find you guys indulging in flavour-conflation with all manner of lovely and interesting liquids (although I don’t mean the piss you mention at the end of the post).

    I shall be keeping an eye on your nutty professor Richard Paterson impersonations. Good luck!

  3. the beer bloggers do a lot of meetings/conferences and we are always alone like bears. Whisky bloggers united!

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  5. Gents- can’t wait to taste your blend! Ours is pretty much there now, so guess the fun starts here.


  6. @Neil Looking forward to tasting all of the different blends. It will be interesting to taste what people have come up with!

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