I’m on Islay!!

Hi guys. Just a quick note to say – I’m on Islay and you’re stuck in the office! Buahaha (evil).

I’m here with Bowmore. Had an amazing day yesterday, did some peat cutting, was taken to the Bowmore water source, had a fantastic tour around the distillery with the manager Eddie MacAffer and was treated to an eye-popping tasting at the famous Vault no. 1.

I have lots of video and photo footage to share and will be leaking that to you over the next few days. Can’t do much now as I have to grab some breakkie at the lovely Harbour Inn and I’m shooting off to sea safari. Tough life.

But just for the record (and SEO;P), I tried a brand new expression of Bowmore, not yet announced and to be released later this year (June-July if I caught it right). It is <drum roll> … Bowmore 1982! 501 bottles from a single cask bottled at cask strength. All I can say without spoiling my future review is: melted green Haribos, papaya, Bonbons, Scarlett Johansson, vanilla ice-cream. It’s quite like going to heaven. Or seeing your new-born baby for the first time. Or being told you received a massive inheritance and will never have to work again.

Yes, it’s that good.