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The Glenlivet 70

You may remember that a little over a month ago Chris and I had a chance to try The Glenlivet 70yo by Gordon & MacPhail. I remember the day vividly. It was sunny but ridiculously windy, there were relatively few tourists out on The Mile and I felt certain lightness in my heart. I was really looking forward to the event.

To say that Edinburgh Castle is a special place would be an understatement. Anyone passing through that front gate must feel the weight of centuries pressing on their shoulders. I know I do. That day I found myself right there, at the very heart of the ancient fortress, surrounded by a cast of whisky superstars and treated to true Scottish hospitality. Warm handshakes and pats on shoulders, fizzy wine and eye-wateringly good salmon. All was bling, glitter, dazzle and fuzz. Cling, laughter, echo and whistle. And then, suddenly, it all went very quiet for me.

I must have sat still with my glass of the 70yo for good half an hour. The launch ceremony was over, all the speeches out of the way. Some of the guests went off to interview company representatives while others were demolishing the buffet. And I just couldn’t be bothered. I sat there smiling to myself, raising the dram to my nose every now and again. And, for what felt like the first time, I truly connected with what was in my glass. The whisky spoke to me.

After time, and especially in writing, it seems trivial, stupid and pretentious but then and there it was the most natural and obvious thing in the world. It not only reminded me why I deal with whisky at all but also made me think about other special whisky occasions I had enjoyed in the past. And it struck me that I am most certainly not the only one to have memories like this to share. Therefore I am now asking you to describe your most remarkable whisky experience and e-mail it to me*. Once all your responses are in I will assemble a panel of jurors and the author of the best story will be rewarded with a sample of The Glenlivet 70yo, the very whisky that fuelled this idea. Also, and it goes without saying I hope, all the submitted stories of sufficient quality will be published on Edinburgh Whisky Blog for the world to enjoy.


* Some technicalities

  • Please keep it very short, try not to exceed 200 words
  • Please submit your story by Sunday the 8th of May
  • Please send it to and make sure you put ‘My Whisky Story’ as the subject
  • Please include your full name, contact number and postal address in the e-mail (only the name will be published)
  • The sample (winning prize) was part of a press pack I received at the launch of the product and looks to be 10-15ml in size
  • By submitting a story you are giving me the rights to reproduce it in non-commercial capacity
  • Any submitted text will be published at my discretion, I can’t guarantee your story will appear on the blog
  • I reserve the rights to edit your text, however the author will be contacted in such cases
  • It doesn’t matter where you are from, I will take the p&p on the chin this time…
  • Good luck!


  1. Brilliant!

    We are looking forward to see the stories of the contestants.

  2. Lovely idea fellows!
    now off to the typing machine ;)

  3. My most remarkable Whisky experience… I’ll really need to think about that. There have been so many, yet so few I can remember. Great idea though.

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  5. We took the morning mastersclass, which was perfect due to the small number of visitors on the tour and the personal attention you get from the tour guide. The collection it self was amazing and if you are a whisky fan, this is a must see as there are over 4,000 bottle to feast your eyes on. You are simply awe-inspired by the sheer volume the collection is! Our tour guide was great answering all of our questions and was very good in answering the simple questions to the hard questions.

    Next, we took a whisky tasting class, which showed us how to view, smell, and taste the whiskey. You get to try 4 different types of whiskey from the highlands to the lowlands, smooth to ‘peaty/smoky’ (sorry if I’m not using the right terminology).

    To me, it helped show the difference in the types of whisky that are made, the different notes I should be tasting and what adding a few drops of water can do to help change the flavoring of the whisky.

    I will say I enjoy whisky tour/tasting, but am very much a novice in my experience with single malts, so it made the class that much more enjoyable.

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