And the winner is…

Your stories came from far and wide – USA, Japan, Poland, Finland… even England! Thank you so much, guys. It was refreshing to see just how much whisky magic there is to share. And I dare say, each and every one of us – geeks – has such experiences every so often, a turning point of sorts. These moments keep the flame burning high.

Now, without further ado, the winner of Your Story competition and soon-to-be happy imbiber of The Glenlivet 70yo is (drum roll):

Dan Hutchinson

I’m awarding 1st place to Dan for telling his simple story in a vivid and concise way. I love the way he put something Chris and I know so well – Macallan 18 – somewhere as exotic to us as Vegas. Also, teasing the neighbour made me laugh.

But hey, Dan’s story may have been my favourite but certainly wasn’t the only one I loved! I’ve decided to award a couple of ‘second places’ to Marcin Gorecki (I’ve been on that terrace too!) and Jaakko Kuosmanen (what can I say, your story rings a bell…)

You can both expect little something-somethings in post.



  1. Congrats, Dan!! Great story! Well deserved.

  2. wow. Congrats!

  3. Thanks you guys. I have to say that the little bottle has arrived safely here in Canada and occupies a feature spot in my liquor cabinet. The real question now is, what do you do with it? Drink it, save it for a special day or hold on to it and treasure it for the gem that it is?

    I’d like to thank Lucas and Chris greatly for the prize and also send out my praise for everyone who wrote in for the contest. The truth is, we are all winners for those experiences in our lives that create these great memories.

    If you are ever on the West Coast of Canada, drop me a line and we’ll share a dram and perhaps create another wonderful memory.

    Cheers, Dan

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