Master of Malt Blogger’s Blends tasted by champion taster: Jason T

jason-turbo-t2Hello there! Jason checking in for the first (and possibly last, depending how this goes) time. I’ve known Chris and Lucas for a good little while now, admiring their witty writings from afar with great interest. After much hinting/prodding/kicking in places that no man should be kicked in, I’ve finally gotten my finger out and sat down to write something for Edinburgh Whisky Blog. I first met the two fine founders of this publication on my first day at the Scotch Whisky Experience. Chris, I met whilst he took on an ice machine with nothing but despair in his eyes and hate in his foot. Lucas, whilst he doled out some decent advice to me while on his tour. I still like to think it shows their contrasting styles. In our time together they took me under their wing and ushered me into the blazing light that is the world of whisky. It was a bit like the start of the Lion King only with more hangovers and a few less Zebras.

So how did it come to this? It all started a few months ago when the two young gentlemen in charge here at EWB and nine other whisky publications were approached by the fine fellows at Master of Malt to create their own blend. Much like yourself good reader I proceeded to feel the harsh injustice of all this and cursed all those involved. Much mixing of spirits went on in the next week or so until eventually all the blends were ready. Still I looked on in a silent jealously and plotted my revenge on the two lucky bloggers that I call my friends. Stage three though is where the plot thickens. With the release of the whiskies on MoM’s website each of the ten samples had to be reviewed and tasted. As someone who had not written for the blog before I was deemed impartial enough to try them as the boys themselves didn’t want to favour their own creation(Although I still not sure which one is ours. You would think we would be able to recognise our creation! Chris).It was at this point I would say that my position softened slightly and I happily agreed to take the ten whiskies off their hands. I did not realise that this also legally bound me to write an article about the whiskies or that EWB lawyers work fast to make sure such agreements are met. With that I feel we’re pretty much up to date.

Staring at the beautiful wax sealed jars on my table labelled A-J; I begin my way through the daunting task of discovery what might be MoM’s newest product. Remember that the winner of this bloggers blend competition will have the honour of designing the bottle and then having their whisky sold on the MoM website. I often wonder why people give such responsibility to me. I think it is mostly the fact that I can grow an almost full beard on command that gives them a false sense of maturity about me, but I digress. The standard of the blends is extremely high. There was not a single one that I thought was a poor effort. I am hugely impressed that every single one feels like it has been catered for a wider market and not just to the preference of a few but also impressed by the fact that each one does indeed feel individual. I can imagine why the latter is true on two levels. The first being the amazing range of whiskies given in each blending kit provided by MoM and the second being the unique personalities of the blogenders (bloggers and blenders combined into one word. Don’t like it? You try better! It’s hard!) So here we go folks tasting notes on each whisky. They’ll be brief and snappy for your reading pleasure. If your attention span is anything like mine your already wondering what whiskies in your spirit cabinet will work together to make your own blend.

Whisky A
: Lots of vanilla and toffee cover a lovely bit of fine smoke.
Palate: It comes to life here. Spice, marzipan and pepper all embrace the sweet characteristics found on the nose.
Whisky B
: Dry grass and a woodiness are joined by cereals and a hint of caramel.
Palate: A lovely oak and toffee infusion with vanilla creeping into the finish.

Whisky C
: Honey comes through in abundance joined by floral notes and a light vanilla edge.
Palate: Parma violets and other sweet shop wonders are joined with ice cream and a tiny touch of smoke.

Whisky D
: Toffee straight off the bat to make a heavier scent joined by a faint waft of smoke.
Palate: Rich and full with hints of a creamy nature. Intriguingly short finish considering the nose.

Whisky E
Nose: Blasts of ripe summer fruits with a great light vanilla compatriot.
Palate: It reminds me of a warm pear crumble severed outside with ice cream. Smoke at the tail to top it off.

Whisky F
: Ripe growing apples and a cream texture. Very little bite on the nose.
Palate: Oak with vanilla and a surprising bit of bananas too.

Whisky G
: Rich and spicy raisins with a nice touch of wood.
Palate: Surprisingly smooth bringing forward honey and vanilla to complement the spice.

Whisky H
The first to have a medicinal note with the smoke. Oak spice as well.
Palate: The iodine just keeps coming along with the spice to provide a great bitterness in the aftertaste.

Whisky I
Smoke and spice combined again but now with the lovely dry sweetness of biscuits.
Palate: Gone is the sweetness. Smoke and spice dominate and again leaving a bitter finish.

Whisky J

Nose: Grass, straw and honey leap out to make it a fresh different blend to finish with.
Palate: Boiled sweets come to mind with the sweet and spicy textures. Smoke always in the background.

There you have it good people. Ten whiskies. One man. Some said it couldn’t be done. Others said it just plain shouldn’t. They may have had a point but it’s over now. I’ll apologise if things got a bit hazy towards the end of those tasting notes.

Who will win? I can’t be sure but I will be passing my ranking list over to Chris and Lucas after I’ve checked my notes again. If you’ll excuse me now I need a lie down.

Long days and pleasant nights!


Big thanks to Jason for putting his taste buds on the line and tasting all 10 samples in one session. I would also like to say, from both Lucas and I, Good luck in you new employment at the Whiski Rooms on the Mound, Edinburgh. I will be in to visit very soon!)

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