A man about town: Part 1

It’s been quite a crazy 2 weeks. This is the great thing about living in Edinburgh. There is always something going on. Flim festivals, book festivals, concerts, new bars/restaurant/shops opening. And I always seem to be the lucky one that gets invited to all these things (God only knows why). I deserve hate and envy in equal measure, so please send it to edinburghwhisky@gmail.com. But while I am being hated and envied, I may as well report what I got upto at these events.

Whiski Rooms Edinburgh


Last week saw the inaugral opening of the Whiski Rooms on the Mound, Edinburgh. Gary and Anne have been in charge of the Whiski Bar on the Royal Mile for a few years and now they have opened a second venue. Their first venue; Whiski on the Royal Mile, has become synonymous for good music, good food and a good Whisky list.
The Whiski Rooms on the Mound, has all the elements to be just as successful. The Whiski rooms contains a bar, restaurant and shop as well as tasting room. A really well designed venue. It’s got nice little touches like an Ardbeg themed corner, a vintages wall and some nice photography of distilleries. So well designed and pleasant a venue that even after the opening night (Which was excellent. Can’t beat a cheeky glass of champers and some canapes. Free drink though, which meant I had to excercise world class self control), I was in there the next day for a hangover cure cocktail and some food. The haggis and black pudding stack  followed by the cheeseboard banished any slight hangover.


Pop in, have a dram from their extensive whisky list. Enjoy a spot of dinner and then maybe purchase a wee bottle from their shop. You will not regret it! Check out their website here and like them on facebook. If you are buying a bottle from the shop, look out for our good friend, guest blogger and George Clooney lookalike; Jason Thomson. He can help with any bottle choices.

Right, so that is man about town part 1. Part 2 will contain Kim Cattrall, Cutty Sark, the promise of Naked Blogger’s and other such fun. It just get’s better and better.



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