Stereotypical, Moi?

I think I have become a stereotype. Apart from the money thing. Scots are stereotypically tight with their money. My accountant would testify that I am definitely not tight with my money. I wish I was tight with my money. But apart from that, well, this photo illustrates that I have become a stereotype…


I like a drink, I love whisky, I love wearing a kilt, I have eaten more haggis than I care to remember and I appreciate the occasional can of Irn Bru.

So when I saw that Irn Bru had released a new fiery Irn Bru, and that my favourite chocolate shop, Coco, had released a haggis flavoured chocolate, I saw a Scottish Sugar coated delight.


Haggis Chocolate:  spices, massively peppery, coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s very like haggis. You know, it’s something that shouldn’t work; chocolate and haggis flavour, but it really does. Yum! (Just to be clear, no animals were harmed in the production of this chocolate. It is just the spices added to haggis. No Lamb’s stomach) 

Fiery Irn Bru: Like biting into a bit of ginger covered in sugar. Really not good. Too harsh and hot. Not loving this. Burns your throat. Where normal Irn Bru is a thirst quencher, this does just the opposite.

So what did we learn. Eat Chocolate from Coco, no matter how weird it sounds and don’t buy the new Fiery Irn Bru, unless you are going to slam a smokey whisky in it and create a new version of an EWB classic Sminger

Oh, and that I look great in a kilt.


Ps: Those were my thoughts on Fiery Irn Bru, but here’s some thoughts from The Nose, The Master Blender Himself, Richard Paterson of Whyte and Mackay fame:


  1. Yeah, it’s National Chocolate Week as of yesterday apparently. Defo gonna pick up some Haggis Choc; can only be a winner.

  2. apparently national curry week too. A fun week!

  3. Should coincide with the national get-a-more-comfortable-toilet-seat week.

  4. A plethora of posts – great! I now need to catch up with the EWB archives.

    If you are a stereotype, Chris, at least you’re aware of it. Which gives you some ironic wiggle room. Between Coco chocolate (my favourite is still the dark chocolate with bergamot and Earl Grey), Irn Bru and whisky, I think you’ve covered a fair number of my favourite things in addition to a renewed faith in the charms of convenience store Scottish cuisine. I’m seriously impressed with Mr Paterson, though, keeping a straight face while subjecting the Fiery One to a master blender’s analysis. I couldn’t!

  5. @Scotch Cyclist Good to hear from you, Mr Saxon. A plethora of posts indeed. And from now on, there should be posts every day, Monday to Friday and even some Saturdays.

    Btw, good to read about Lucas’ tasting at St Andrews:


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