A Tea Party!

turbo-23When I was a kid I remember watching Walt Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. I also remember thinking how messed up the tea party scene was even though I had only just started to tie my own shoes laces. A word of warning to you dear reader. If you ever happen to be on a ramble through an unknown wood and you stumble upon a drunken mouse, deranged hare and a psychopath in a top-hat having an ‘unbirthday’ party in the middle of a clearing do not drink anything they might give you out of one of their teapots! Seriously it’s just not safe or sensible. If you must drink mysterious liquids out of random tea receptacles then I’d advise you to make your way to Glengoyne distillery…

A little while back Graeme and I visited this distillery to sample some of their new produce and have a look around their new shop. Fun times had by all I assure you and if you don’t believe me check it out here. Back then I mentioned a whisky they had just released- The Teapot Dram. Since I’ve tried it I thought it was a cracking little number and deserved a bit more explanation and expansion on what was said before.

Once upon a time, in a land before health and safety, the distillery workers of Scotland were allowed three drams of whisky throughout the day. The whisky they received, whilst still of excellent quality, was usually young and very strong. Some of the younger and more inexperienced drinkers that worked at the distillery found this a bit much and instead of the whisky being discarded a solution was found. Any drams that were not wanted were to be poured into a copper kettle in the staff canteen and some of the more seasoned drinkers could enjoy a little extra throughout the day. Thus The Teapot dram was born.

Nowadays such practice would lead to a health and safety officer having a mild explosion of the cranium and so the tradition has vanished. Glengoyne have tried to recreate it here by vatting five first fill sherry casks together to create the whisky I’m about to try. They were very young casks (if memory serves me right I think 9 years old was the youngest and 11 the oldest making this the youngest thing Glengoyne has ever bottled). It’s also bottled at the good old cask strength 58.8%. This is a distillery only bottling (you can get it on the official Glengoyne website though). Much like Lucas said in his article about Balblair I have found this to be one of my favourite whiskies this year and again it’s only available at the distillery. If you like big sherried whiskies with a bit of kick I’ll challenge you to find something better this year. It’s a whisky that is for sharing with good friends- not a whisky to be dispensed from teapots whilst loitering in the woods.

Glengoyne Teapot Dramglengoyne_teapot_dram3
Highland Single Malt
58.8% ABV
£49.99 available

Nose: Rich treacle cake just out of the oven. A light varnish note is followed by a huge woosh of maple syrup. Cinnamon, ginger and marzipan all work together to give a rich velvety feel.

Palate: Brown sugar coats the palate and is complicated by a faint liquorice note. New leather with raisins and bitter chocolate. Dried dates and apricots jump in after it develops.

Finish: Strangely short. Burnt cake with a bitter edge.


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