Dear Santa, Whisky for Christmas please. Chris

Hurricane Bawbag

Dear Santa,

I realise this year, times must be hard at Santa’s workshop. I’m sure the economic crisis must be effecting your finances (you’re a wise guy Santa, I bet you have had money invested in milk and cookie stocks for many years). And with Elf Unions going on strike (you have never paid them), it must be hard to make sure that every good boy and girl gets a present (Lucas and I have been very good, as always) .

So this year I’m not going to be too demanding. As I am trapped in my house, due to fear of Hurricane Bawbag, my list is food and drink based (to survive the winter). Call it a Christmas hamper if you will.

Whisky Wise, could I please have a bottle of Longrow Burgundy 14 years old; it’s rich, oily and peaty. The perfect thing for a month trapped in fear of Hurricanes knocking down my house. Or if you are feeling particularly generous, could I have a bottle of Ardbeg Alligator. Don’t worry Santa, Im not a speculator, I won’t sell this gift. I’m gonna drink this sweet smoke snappy beast.

Food wise, could I have a loaf of Bread baked with Ardbeg Grist (it sounds amazing, don’t you think?) and maybe some Arran Whisky Cheese. As to reading, can I have a copy of Malt Whisky Yearbook please (it’s by far the best Whisky book I read every year).

And maybe some old barrels would be handy (firewood, for when my heating packs in)?

Cheers Big Fella,


(PS, you and your missus are very welcome to join me on boxing day for whisky and cheese. It will take your mind off those blasted elves)