Hangover Cures

I think I am getting old. The first hint I got of this was the grey hair. Then came going to a different room in my house, and forgetting why I went there.  Then the final hint was the hangovers. After a night out, I used to wake up clean as a whistle, fighting fit and ready for another day. Now I will be lucky to recover by the end of the day. I may even carry it on to the next day. Two day hangovers are the last straw!

Now, obviously, I advocate responsible drinking, but sometimes nights just spiral. One minute, you are having a couple of pints with a mate you haven’t seen in ages. The next minute, you are in a club, it’s 2.30 am and you are waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Those are the best kind of nights out, but my God, I pay for them now. The other thing is, it’s Christmas party season. If you can avoid  over indulging at this time of year, you have real self control!

Hangover cures

(Me and Jason. We were having fun in this picture, but the next day, we paid)

Nothing seems to cure the hangover anymore. I used to be able to fight the ache in my skull and grumble in my tummy with bacon rolls, coffee, and a whole loch of water. Now, even Irn Bru does not seem to work. I have been mildly impressed by Powerade Blue and Lucozade. These work so well because they hydrate and because they contain carbs and sugar. A triple whammy.

But what is the ultimate cure? Dear Readers, please let me know your ultimate cure for hangovers. The more weird and wonderful, the better.



  1. The best cure is to carry on drinking… Although some people may call that alcoholism…

  2. Pickle brine for cabbage, traditional Macedonian hangover drink.
    Also Shkembe chorba (tripe soup) consumed in the morning with garlic vinegar and pickled cucumbers.


  3. @PR – My heart agrees but my (professional, responsible *cough*) head disagrees. I’d go with a Bloody Mary the morning after a big night – I know it’s alcoholic but doesn’t the tamato juice count as one of your five-a-day?!

    @Ivo – those are definitely some of the more outrageous hangover cures I’ve heard of! May have to give them a try tomorrow morning after my office Christmas party tonight!

  4. Cycling is a very good way of beating a hangover, chaps. Oxygen, endorphins, and the opportunity to escape those crumpled, sweaty bedsheets.

    Alternatively, I sit at a table, on a hard chair, remain very still and concentrate while my right leg vibrates. It seems to work. No idea why.

  5. B1 vitamin. Eat a bit before, through and after the hardcore session. 400mg total does the job for me


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  7. @Ivo They may be some of the best hangover cures I have ever heard. One day, I may brave them!

  8. You may want to consider giving Alcotox a try. It prevents hangovers from happening in the first place instead of curing one afterwards. It also shields and protects the liver even while you are drinking. For more info go to http://www.alcotox.com

  9. how to aviod whisky…

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