What will I be dramming for Christmas?

Last Year

Before we discuss this year, what did I dram last year? Last year, at Santa time, I had quite a few things to dram. And happily we had an extra guest at the table for Xmas, as Andy (Ewb guest blogger and shop keep at Robert Graham) couldn’t get home due to the snow (Don’t worry folks, he saw his family and exchanged gifts a few days before)

Me, Andy and my brother had quite a bit of walking todo before we got our drams though. We picked Andy up outside the Scotch Malt in Leith (he lives near there) at about 10am on Christmas Morning and walked to my Aunties house in Portobello (if you don’t know Edinburgh, Portobello is on the beach). So we had a nice walk along the sands of Portobello. We popped into a pub on the way for a cheeky wee Christmas pint. We asked the landlord why he was open, and he said that many of his regulars were alone on Christmas, so he felt it was only right to open on Christmas. He would go and see his family in January. Nice to see a local pub doing its bit!

We got to my Aunt’s for about midday and had some bacon rolls. Then came the chance to take a look at what whisky we were going to taste. The first round of Whiskies definitely had an Irish feel to them. Jameson 12 Aged Reserve, Jameson 18 and Redbreast 12 were all drammed before lunch. Then after lunch, while watching the Gruffalo followed by Edward Scissor Hands, we tasted some of Robert Graham’s excellent selection of bottlings, Master of Malt 30 year old and some Ballantines Christmas reserve. All whilst digesting a mountain of Christmas food (we don’t do turkey in my house, instead it tends to be beef). It was a brilliant day, and all the drams were tasty (As Lucas pointed out recently, Whisky is bloody good)

This Year

It being Santa time again, I am now looking at my cabinet and thinking, what am I going to taste this year? (whilst watching kids films, I love kids films at Christmas) Well, I have a nice bottle of Glenlivet 18, Movember Glenfarclas 9 year old (selected by yours truly), Ardbeg 10, Master of Malt Tomatin 19, Master of Malt Cragganmore 20, Master of Malt Inverleven 36, Redbreast 12 Cask Strength and a Berry Bros and Rudd Blair Athol 11 year old. I think that should be enough for the short holiday period.

What will you folks be tasting?

Chris Hoban


  1. As I’m spending Xmas and New Year at the in-laws I can’t take my whole range of open bottles with me so had to pick a couple:

    - Highland Park 18
    - Laphroaig 18

    I bet those will do just fine.

  2. I reckon my drams over Christmas will be along these lines;
    Bowmore 18
    Redbreast 12
    Tyrconnell 10 Sherry Finish
    The Dalmore 15 Gran Reserva
    Jura 16

    Living in Dublin I’m also fortunate enough to have access to the Celtic Whiskey shop, which sells a number of exclusive bottlings from the Cooley Distillery that I reckon are about to become a thing of the past, what with a certain American takeover looming. so one or two of those may well be entering my cabinet soon enough too.

    By the way, I want to commend you guys on this site. I stumbled across it by doing some research for a trip to Edinburgh I made in October and I’ve followed closely ever since. Turns out Graeme was my tourguide at the Scotch Whisky Experience, though I didn’t realise it until after I got back. He was excellent, despite clearly battling a vicious hangover.

  3. I’ll be gifting myself the Highland Park 15 after seeing so many positive reviews for it in other holiday lists!

  4. No Xmas here, but I will be trying on some Irish pot still samples sent to me by a dear whisky friend (and blogger, whom I can not reveal).
    also on my list is a full set of Bladnoch forum samples and Malts of Scotland Single casks.

    a lot ;)

  5. Picked up a bottle of Old Pulteney 21 at Heathrow Airport, opening it for christmas

  6. I guess I’ll be tasting Glenfarclas 15, Glendronach 15 Revival, Bushmills 16, Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist, maybe a couple of samples…I love Christmas time!

  7. Looks like everyone has excellent drams to try!

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