A Quick Dram or two

Two Speedy Whisky Reviews

Glen Elgin 1990/2010 (20yo)
First Cask
46% ABV

Nose: Pink lady apples and some pears. Quite creamy and fresh. Bit like freshly cut grass.

Palate: Honey, fruity, grassy and a slight bitterness. Very drinkable. Not a massive dram, but quite nice. On second taste, the bitterness (burnt toast?) comes through a little more.

Finish: Cocoa

Overall: Quite nice. Not mind blowing, and a little light for a 20 year old, but still tasty.

Blair Atholl 11yo
Berry Bros & Rudd
46% ABV

Nose: Nutty, raisiny, a bit earthy and the tiniest tiniest hint of sulphur. Bit meaty and oily with a tiny hint of cocoa.

Palate: Quite briny, hint of vanilla, hint of lime and a drop of Fino sherry.

Overall: Lovely stuff. Just wish it was a bit stronger in ABV. Did not mind the tiny hint of sulphur either. As long as it’s tiny.

Chris Hoban