Parté Live

Tiger Lucas Turbo

Follow our 3rd birthday party live from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society tonight. We promise to post increasingly drunken updates and photos as the night unfolds. Don’t forget to leave us a comment!

6.36 PM

First update. The team is in place and in good form. Tiger and Lucas working on the speech. Last minute is the new come prepared, eh (photo above)?

6.54 PM

Having food. You should always do that before getting obliterated (and I’m allowed to say that because we now have a drinking responsibility section, woohoo!). First guests arriving but all still pretty quiet.

7.07 PM

All warming up. Lovely girls from Coco Chocolate are preparing for chocolate and whisky paring. And where there are attractive females, Chris is never too far away.

7.35 PM

Pot still-shaped cake! Now I can die a happy man! thanks so much, Lali.

8.50 PM

Lots of people here now. Almost speeches time!


The cake has been destroyed. Sorry we’re getting slow on the updates but the whisky is good and the gals are pretty and you know what it’s like.


Great night so far – about to head on to a club to wave our hands in the air like we just don’t care :)

The Bear (aka Turbo) also seems to be incapable of holding his beer upright…