Cognac Glenfarclas – rugby, le coq & geese!

Glenfarclas 43yo Cognac Cask

Once every two years, at about this time of year, the French invade our fair city of Edinburgh for a weekend of sport and frivolity. This is not a peaceful time of year. Especially if you are working with alcohol! Hordes of French rambling around the streets of our city, drinking the whisky, stealing the ladies and usually walking away triumphant after a brutal, valiant but ultimately disappointing game of rugby against us Scots. All the while they have the audacity to walk around with a bunch of Cocks on their head (of course I mean le coq gaulois, aka the silly little French rooster). It is busy, loud and a wee knock to the pride of our nation.

But of course we welcome them, as a famous yellow and ginger Scot once said ‘Bonjourrrr, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys!’, we are always very welcoming. We relish the challenge, we love the banter and we too also love the whisky. So to celebrate the coming together of these two nations I have found a bottle that does just the same. Whilst popping into the Scotch Whisky Experience, I was made aware of a new addition they had received in the spirit of the Auld Alliance. Of course, this could only be a combination of whisky and cognac in the form of a 43yo Glenfarclas Cognac Cask. Doing a bit of snooping around, I have deduced that this must be the same as the 1967 Cognac Cask Glenfarclas. So distilled in 1967, matured for 43 years in Cognac Casks and bottled in roughy 2010. Unfortunately, I do not have a sample to taste but thankfully the bottles came with tasting notes from George S Grant himself!  I almost forgot to mention the two flags are on the bottle just to make sure that we see the connection between the two nations. How very thoughtful. Here are the tasting notes from George Grant:

Glenfarclas Cognac Casks 43yo
40.7% ABV
£459.00 here

Nose: Wonderful dried apricots lovely malty sweetness, honeycomb candy, light spicy aromas, topped with light white pepper, then classic Glenfarclas burnt Demerara sugar. (Just goes to show it does not just come from the Olorosso sherry cask)

Finish: Quite a dry finish, which is good as more whisky is required to moisten the mouth. Dark bitter chocolate, German or Belgian chocolate with high cocoa content. Crushed almonds and light oakiness to finish with.

Conclusion: An amazing whisky from Glenfarclas, a great one to taste. Nothing like this has ever been done before and nothing like this will be done again, well not in my lifetime.

So there we have it, something to combine the two sides whilst you watch the six nations clash between the Scots and the Cocks! On that bird related note… I also noticed this morning that the famous geese that guard the Chivas bond warehouse in Dumbuck have retired to a new riverside home. Since 1959 they have scared away thieves with both bark and bite. Only seven remain of the aptly named Scotch Watch, which once numbered 120 white Chinese geese. Chivas claim they are retiring but I sincerely hope that they will come out to bodyguard the Scots against the French on Sunday. Geese are lean, mean, utterly terrifying machines (personal experience to back this up) and they could definitely take a French coq in a tussle! If Andy Robinson reads this blog I hope he takes notes of these tactics, a sure fire way to scare the French and let us kick their ass. Best of luck to both sides at Murrayfield on Sunday…

I’m just kidding C’mon Scotland!!

Graeme Gardiner

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