Where should I go?

Mackmyra Distillery in the sun

Important: which distilleries should I visit?

I need a holiday. It has been a long while since I’ve got away from the city. It has been even longer since I went somewhere where they speak a different language and have different money. You know; somewhere with food and cultural differences. Abroad (although there are cultural and language differences; London doesn’t count).

This is where you guys come in. I want to visit distilleries (or breweries) on my trip. My starting point is the Mackmyra distillery in Sweden and from there I will make my way back home. I am thinking of going at the end of April, so I will probably make my way up to the Spirit of Speyside Festival as the culmination to my trip.

Any advice on what to do in Sweden and then what route to take home, would be much appreciated.

Chris Hoban



  1. well, you should consider going to Denmark, more specifically Stauning Whisky, as they are brand new and will release the first batch of whisky ever, this summer: http://www.stauningwhisky.dk – they pretty much encapsulate the Scottish Distillery Myth in Denmark.
    You could also visit http://www.braunstein.dk/den-danske-whisky-ambassade/, which is located in a brewery in a city, a small brewery in a small city and distilling other spirits than whisky, but nevertheless, should be worthwhile.
    And finally you should visit http://www.farylochan.dk/ which is the really small distillery in Denmark. And i guess thats that. Unless you want to extend your sightseeings to non-whisky related stuff…

  2. Thanks for the advice Lars!

  3. That’s not very different or adventurous!
    It similar,safer, more expensive, and most people speak English.

    Why not try mezcals made by individual family producers in tiny remote villages scattered throughout the state of Oaxaca (prounced: wah-ha-kah), Mexico?

    Or go on a moonshine trail through the Appalacian forests and mountains in the USA?

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