Awesome chance to win an 18 Year Old Glenlivet Single Cask Bottling

The Glenlivet Guardians Single Cask 18 YO - HR (2)

Competition time!

I am a simple man, so I am going to give you a really simple way of having a chance to win that sexy bottle above. I have one bottle of this Single Cask Glenlivet 18 to give away, and all you have todo to enter is join the Glenlivet Guardians here and once you have joined, comment at the bottom of this article saying something along the lines of “I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!”. That’s you entered the competition. We will pick entrants out of a hat next Friday.

Why would you want to win this bottle? Well, because single cask whisky is whisky in it’s purest form. Non-chill filtered, straight from the cask into the glass. Overall; it’s the bee’s knees (a weird saying). The normal Glenlivet 18 is stunning, so this one will most likely be stunning, but just with a bit more guts and even more flavour.

Why would I want to be a Glenlivet Guardian apart from the opportunity to win this bottle, I hear you cry?

Is there a need for another reason? Ok, if I must persuade you…For one, you get invited to events where you can help pick the single cask releases. For two, we will be doing a bit of writing for Ian Logan’s (Glenlivet Guardian Ambassador) blog. We think he is a brilliant chap, and we are really proud to be invited! You also get:

  • Access to the Guardian’s Whisky Library (bar) at Glenlivet. There are some ridiculous drams in there
  • Access to purchase some exclusive single cask bottlings
  • Plenty of other benefits. Go and take a look

So become a Guardian here and comment at the bottom of the article. Next Friday (May 25th) , we will pick the winner out of a hat (note to self; find a cool hat) and that lucky person will be sent a bottle. Now to all that T&C malarky:

  • You have to be at least 18 to enter
  • We always advocate drinking whisky slowly and responsibly. It took an awful long time to make. Take the time to enjoy it!
  • One entry per person
  • I am sure there are plenty more Terms and Conditions. I will have a think

Enter now! What have you got to lose?

Chris Hoban


  1. I guess I am now a Glenlivet Guardian, though I’d rather not guard any bottles but drink them :)

  2. I got to enjoy The Glenlivet 18 at Whisky Live last year – poured by Ian Logan himself in an unofficial private tasting for me and my mates – and am hooked on the lovely stuff! The Single Cask must be that times a zillion – w-i-c-k-e-d!! (Of course, I’m a Guardian – been one for ages)

  3. The Glenlivet is a Whisky to savour as it is so smooth to drink. My Grandfather used to work at the Glenlivet Distillary and when i was young and up staying hols every fri and sat night Granda would want an hours pease to enjoy his Glenlivet and i remember it fondly just like i remember Granda. Love to you both Glenlivet and Granda

  4. I’m allready a Guardian. Can I still be part of the competition ?

  5. Yup, anyone who is already a guardian can enter

  6. Woohoo! I’m a Kiwi Glenlevit guardian!

  7. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!

  8. Another Guardian, I guess that’s my part done for ‘the Big Society’; I’m now a man of substance.

  9. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!!

  10. I’ve been a Guardian since 04 or 05 and I love Glenlivet. Well I love all distilleries :-)


  11. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!!

  12. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian too. Roar!!

  13. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!!

  14. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!!

  15. I love The Glenlivent and I’m now a Guardian. Meow!

  16. Guess what?
    I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian from Ukraine. Roarrr!

  17. I am a girl, and I love Glenlivet – and now I am also a Guardian!
    Roar!! ROAR!!!

  18. Been a Guardian since the launch of the club :-)

  19. I think I am already a Glenlivet Guardian, joined at Whiskymessen in Fredericia, Denmark.
    Tasted two different Single Casks, but there were none for sale, so sure I will love to win a bottle. Like the Nadurra I think this is the real Glenlivet! Very nice ;{D

  20. I must admit, I didn’t know about the Guardians, thanks for the heads-up. I’m all over it. New Guardian reporting in.

  21. I am now a Guardian. Roar, and such.

  22. well, roar and all, but i can’t help but comment on the poor choice of name. I mean Friends of Laphroaig is just lack of effort, and the Ardbeg Committee at least sound exclusive and like something you want to be a part of, but The Glenlivet Guardians really brings some wrong connotations to mind. Or am i the only one feeling that way? In any case i’d be happy to drink their whisky…

  23. I am not a guardian. I am THE Gaurdian! WWWWAAAAARRRRGGGAAHHH!

  24. I love Glenlivet and I already was a Guardian. Roar…cough, cough…

  25. I am now a Guardian. Fingers crossed to win the single cask.

  26. Awrrr Guardians be us!

  27. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian too. Roar!

  28. Well, I’m a Glenlivet guardian from the great white north – aka Canada. If I win, and you can ship the bottle to me I will jump for joy, roar, and thumb my nose at the local liquor bureaucrats!

  29. What was I guarding again?

  30. I am a guardian of the glenlivet and I love the Glenlivet.

  31. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Far out dude!

  32. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!!

  33. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Take that invaders!

  34. I love Glenlivet and have been a Guardian longer than I care to mention!

  35. I’d love to have this bottle to share with neighbors in the garage man cave! Cheers, I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!”.

  36. I demand Glenlivet, I clearly am a guardian, If I don’t get my bottle of Glenlivet I’ll come to your home at night and roar on your very face.

  37. I am a guardian but apparently not a good one as my bottles seem to disappear in no time??

  38. Finally, I am a Guardian of The Glenlivet. Although even in my pre-Guardian days I think I served The Glenlivet cause well: I can’t think there will have been many who cycled through blizzards in April to get to the Distillery. Worth it for the Nadurra 16yo, of course.

  39. I’m a Guardian and so is my wife! If I win, this one will be getting drunk in the shed.

  40. I love Glenlivet and I am already a Guardian. Roar!!

  41. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roarrrrrrr!

  42. Hey, now i’m a Guardian too! Feels good to be part of the game ;-)

  43. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!!

  44. I joined a while ago and would love to sample and blog this!!
    PS – I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!

  45. I love Glenlivet and have been a Guardian for a little while now, love the whisky, love the website – now need to visit the distillery. I’m Glen-lovin’ It! ROAR!

  46. I’m also a guardian now! Lovin’ the Nadurra! But 18 yo. Single Cask sounds delicious…

  47. I love Glenlivet and I am a Guardian Ambassador. Roar!

  48. I love Glenlivet and I am also a Guardian Ambassador.

  49. I am a guardian! Roar!!

  50. I’m a Glenlivet guardian and it’s been 22hrs since I last signed in. Roar!!

  51. I am now a Glenlivet Guardian! If I win this bottle of Glenlivet, I will guard it in the safest place I can imagine: I will absorb it into my own body by drinking it. Maybe I’ll share some too ;-)

  52. “I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar!” (and double roar!)

  53. I am Glenlivet Guardian – hear me roar!
    Awesome chance to win an awesome prize. Keep on sharing :)

    ‘You know these love letters mix with whisky, just don’t light a match when you kiss me’.
    Jon Bon Jovi

  54. I love Glenlivet and I am a Guardian and ambassador. meow!

  55. I am already a guardian and I absolutely Glenloveit the glenlivet!!! Wuhahahahah!!!!!

  56. Coffee, mocha, creamy with hints of vanilla … what a better way to celebrate both my boys being engaged! I am a new and excited Guardian!

  57. I am now a guardian.

  58. a Guardian i am ….

  59. I was a Guardian and now am an Ambassador and I love the Glenlivet WOUF WOUF

  60. I am a Guardian because I love the 18 year old – would love to taste it alongside the single cask. I love Glenlivet and I am now a Guardian. Roar

  61. I came , I saw , I tasted, a braw wee dram!

  62. I’m already a guardian & would really like to win this bottle.

  63. I’m a glenlivet gruaniard x girdronx gaurdion x GUARDIAN ! orar!

  64. Competition is closed. Thanks for all your entries! The winner has been informed.

    Don’t be too sad if you haven’t won, we will be announcing another competition very soon.


    Chris Hoban

  65. Glenlivet is top Class

  66. give me a bottle of glenlivet and s blond with big boobies and I will be happy

  67. Glenlivet has been in my system for last 40 years and matured me along with itself. Now comes the time for me to pay back and be its Guardian. What a lovely thought of taking this 18 year old along to the grave as and when call comes ………………………………………


  68. Just to let you know folks, the winner has been chosen. Thanks to everyone for entering. There will be another competition soon

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