New Pot Still Whiskey (my ideas)


In my dreams, I am Don Draper (without the bad qualities). Suave, sophisticated and with a knack for picking out great marketing ideas. In less than 24 hours, Pernod Ricard are going to announce a New Pot Still Whiskey to be released from their Midleton Distillery. This may be a limited edition, a special edition or something completely different. Who knows? I do know one thing though, it will be awesome. Every Pot Still Whiskey I have had from Midleton has been awesome. Fruity, rich, oily and spicy. Basically, it’s going to be brilliant stuff, whatever it is.

I was thinking about it, and I have some suggestions as to what the new release should be themed around (I could be the new Don…). That is if it is some sort of special edition Redbreast, Green Spot or Midleton. If it is some completely new brand, then I have no idea!

Let’s assume that it is a special edition, from one of their well established brands. They have chosen the liquid, and they need a theme. This is where my ideas come in:

Green Spot “The Green Lantern” edition

I may be mad to make this connection, but I reckon the imagery is similar, no? Ok, so maybe it’s not great to be allied to one of the weaker super hero movie franchises of recent years, but he is a pretty powerful guy in the comic books…Look, I am just firing out ideas. There is supposed to be no judging in brainstorming. Next idea

Redbreast “Batman and ROBIN” edition

Ahh, Batman and Robin. A Batman film at its best; cheesy, a little camp and containing Robin. Robin Redbreast, see the link? Ok, it’s not much of a leap from my first idea, but a strong theme no? I get the feeling this super hero thing is not appealing to folks.

Another thought I had was to release a Pink Jameson, in honour of the singer Pink (she named her kid Jameson after the Whiskey). A brilliant idea. I imagine by this point in the marketing meeting, the Pernod Ricard people would have left the room.

Right, I am out of ideas. If anyone else has inspiration for the theme to a new special edition Pot Still Whiskey, then comment below. Maybe I am not the next Don Draper after all. Got the looks, just don’t have the brains…

Chris Hoban


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