A Quick Beer: Innis & Gunn Canada Day 2012 By Joe


The beer in the picture below is a bit cheeky, dropped off by a rep to Teuchters Landing prompting a massive scrap amongst all the staff. Needless to say standing 6′ 6″ and weighing in at an impressive 266lbs I scooped the prize. Not yet out on the shelves the Innis and Gunn Canada Day 2012 edition. Aged 49 days and weighing in at 7.7% this is a typically punchy effort from Innis and Gunn. The box is a keeper though with some pretty cool artwork from competition winner Canadian artist Gary Whiteley displaying the signature maple leaf in a style reminiscent of Japanese artworks.


Innis & Gunn
Canada Day 2012 Edition
Aged 49 Days. 7.7% Abv

Colour: a nice dark ruby red

Nose: A malty beast that eventually calms down to offer subtle vanilla and the characteristic toffee notes.

Palate: A very well balanced beer here. Not as toffee sweet as the original Innis and Gunn, not as in your face strong as the IPA. Deliciously sweet, malty, and a wee bit hoppy.

Finish: Quite a dry biscuity finish but some sweet hints develop later on, more of a Rich Tea than a Jammy Dodger.

Overall: A grand beer and an opportunity well taken for the brewery to show that they can restore balance to the force between the dark side of the Rum cask and the light side of the blonde.

Joe (Check out his blog here)