Edinburgh Whisky Stramash: The Aftermath

Whisky Stramash 2

I know, it’s Friday and the inaugural Edinburgh Whisky Stramash began almost a week ago, but it’s taken me all this time to recover. What a weekend. Whisky, Jura’s murder mystery, gourmet pies, Glenfiddich’s virtual warehouse 47, more whisky, the Cocktail Pod, an outdoor Brewdog bar, and of course more whisky. Where to start?! Well, the night before it all began actually…

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society hosted a murder mystery themed dinner last Friday at their Queen Street venue as a pre-Stramash bash. The calm before the storm, if you will. Several lovely drams were matched by the even lovelier Georgie to each of our courses whilst a whodunnit murder mystery (performed by Herald Events) took place around us. After much entertainment, hilarity and general merriment, Nicola from Whisky Boys walked away with several SMWS samples for correctly guessing the perpetrator. Imagine a night of fluorescent green and blue “whisky”, Sean Connery, brilliant food, a real life game of Cluedo and wonderful single cask whisky and you start envisage what the evening entailed. After a cheeky visit from the chaps (and chap-ess) at Master of Malt who were also having dinner at Queen Street we headed on to one of Edinburgh’s fine establishment to continue the debauchery.

Safe to say I wasn’t feeling 100% when I awoke the next morning but the thought of spending the day at the Whisky Stramash in the glorious Edinburgh sunshine soon put a spring in my step. Both days at the Stramash were packed with awesome whisky and superb banter was had with exhibitors and punters alike. Over 5,000 whisky newbies and seasoned enthusiasts came through the Surgeons’ Hall door over the weekend and were treated to a plethora of whisky goodness. Our highlights include Jamie Milne and Co’s fantastic Glenfiddich Warehouse 47 experience, Jura’s Murder Mystery, a couple of really interesting Glen Moray bottlings, catching up with Brewdog co-founder James Watt, smoking a cigar whilst sipping Dalmore’s Cigar Malt Reserve, bumping into Petter from the Polar Circle Whisky Club, and another gem of a single cask whisky from Wemyss Malts. If you were there I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If not, then what the fuck were you playing at?! No, seriously, get yourself a ticket for next year as I’m sure *fingers crossed* that this won’t be the first and last time we have a glorious rammy of whisky in Edinburgh.

Many thanks to everyone at SMWS, Herald Events and of course Darroch, Scott and the team at the Whisky Stramash for making this one of the best, if totally exhausting, weekends in living memory.



  1. Sounds great, all the great drams and an outdoor Brewdog stall as well…gutted I missed it :-(

  2. Will, you’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed (like I am) that there’ll be another event next year!


  3. It was a fantastic event, though we were a little worse for wear at the end. We’ll certainly be back next year if it goes ahead.

  4. Yes Tiger, this was a fantastic event and it was very nice chatting with you at the masterclass – would like to have more time though, and a shame we missed the Murder Mystery Dinner at Friday.
    Hope we are able to meet again later over a Whisky. Slanthe!

  5. I was there on the Sunday & it was excellent! Myself & three friends made our way (in glorious sunshine) up the bridges & towards Surgeons Hall, straight away we were greeted & directed towards whiskey Heaven, not more than two minutes in the door & I was on my second dram.

    I’ve been to a few tastings before, but this was different, there was a tremendous mix of folk from all walks of life, hanging around, chatting & experiencing new flavours.

    II will definitely be coming back next year, as will my friends.


  6. ChrisJ, you certainly weren’t the only one who was a little worse for wear towards the end! Too many great whiskies to try though…

    Mr Delburtington, I totally agree about the mix of people there – a lot more ladies in attendance and a younger demographic than you’re ‘typical’ whisky festival. Keep an eye out either here at EWB or at http://www.thewhiskystramash.com for any news on future events.

    Glad you both enjoyed the event!


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