Compass Box, The Whisky Shop and World Records


My mum always said that there are only a few acceptable reasons not to be in your bed asleep at 4.30am. The most common one is that you may still be enjoying a night out and you’re trying to find a kebab shop that is still open whilst telling everyone you know how much you love them. This is not one of the reasons that my mother condones. Some people might be at work (Graeme for instance) and they are a little less fortunate in the enjoyment stakes but they do get a thumbs up from Mrs. Thomson. On June 15th 2012 I shall endeavour to combine these two things by attending an whisky tasting being held at 4.30am.

That’s right. A whisky tasting that is either an extremely early breakfast or a very late night cap (depending on your situation.) Who is holding an event at this unholy hour? Only the boutique whisky makers Compass box and the UK’s biggest independent whisky retailer ‘The Whisky Shop’.

Why 4.30am? Well to mark the arrival of a trio of compass box whiskies to ‘The Whisky Shop’ John Glaser, founder of compass box, and Dominic Roskrow, editor of Whiseria Magazine, will embark on an amazing world record attempt. John and Dominic will attempt to host the highest number of whisky tastings in different cities in one day. Starting in Inverness at 12:01am they will then travel to Edinburgh, Newcastle, York, Birmingham, Oxford, London and Brighton holding an different event in each.

Fancy heading along? Then just get in touch with your local ‘Whisky shop’  or for the Edinburgh event email to book your place. The events are ticketed but all proceeds will be going to charity.

There are many events that conflict with day to day life. Other things get in the way but I doubt you’ll be up to much at 4.30am on Friday. Come along and wish the guys luck with their attempts and try some amazing whiskies. You can email here to book your place for the Edinburgh event. Chris H, Tiger and I will be there bright eyed and bushy tailed. Sadly I doubt my mum will be in attendance…


  1. I stopped by the Victoria Street Whisky Shop and the chap insight smiled wryly when I asked him about this event. Who will attend? How will it go? In matters of innovation, it is so hard to tell.

    There are only a few people I could happily listen to at 4.30 in the morning but John Glaser is one. Having been blessed with his company on a number of occasions in St Andrews, I suspect the challenge will be keeping Mr Glaser to the schedule so passionately does he advocate all things whisky – not just the superb offerings from his own Compass Box stable.

    I wish I could attend, but I am due in a place near Birmingham later in the day. However, for those who do go it will certainly be an ‘I was there…’ moment.

  2. Sound interesting, definitely worth either getting up early for, or staying up the whole night. Attending so many whisky tasting events in the one day sounds pretty cool as well.

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