Recreating the 1st written Grant’s Recipe


Before I go into the ins & outs of my trip up to Speyside with Grant’s (including being trapped in an elevator twice with Jason B Standing, Ludo & Dominic Roskrow) let me just show you the main purpose we were there. The main purpose we were there was to attempt to recreate the first written recipe of Grant’s Standfast Blend. William Grant wrote this recipe 100 years ago, in 1912. In recipe book 1. It was a very cool (but challenging) task. The picture below shows the recipe. Do you think you could recreate it?

Now you have the recipe, it will be easy, right…well maybe not that easy. There is some stuff that’s pretty difficult to get up there; Caledonian (closed), Port Dundas (closed), Cambus (closed), Sherry Grain (not sure what that is) and then there is the prospect of blending it!

If anyone wants to take a stab at blending it, let us know how you get on. If you send us a video, you may win a cheeky wee bottle of Grant’s Ale Cask. (T&C’s apply)

Chris Hoban


  1. Da stili classici ma sobria che si basano su colori neutri e disegni di veramente stili occhio popping e innovativi che caratterizzano gli ultimi look per pezzi di tempo, si è sicuri di trovare proprio quello che serve per tutte le vostre occasioni importanti.

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