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Laphroaig Distillery

Nope, that’s not a typo, ‘Brodir’ is a word in ancient Norse meaning ‘brother’. You may wonder why I suddenly have a penchant for an old Scandinavian language which died out over 500 years ago, and I assure you there’s a very good reason for that. Earlier this year, Laphroaig released a 13yo cask strength bottling limited to only 2000 bottles and called it Laphroaig Brodir. You may also be wondering why you’ve not heard of it, and there’s a good reason for that too. This bottling (which is totally sold out now) was only available on the Viking Line ferries which allow those hardy Scandinavian souls to travel between Sweden, Finland and Estonia so, unless you happened to be on one of those ferries in February when this whisky was launched, chances are this has passed you by. Here at EWB Towers we were lucky enough to have procured a wee sample…

Laphroaig Brodir
13 years old
2000 bottles only
50.5% ABV
€95 but now sold out

Nose: A light sweetness permeates the smoke – peaches in syrup, vanilla custard, dried banana and mango pieces and some peach yoghurt. Then the clean and juicy smoke hits with fresh tobacco leaves, burnt orange peel and grilled pineapple chunks. Delicious.

Palate: Initially quite delicate – I wasn’t expecting that from a cask strength Laphroaig! Bubblegum, blood oranges, mango, watermelon, pineapples and then the smoke eventually rolls in. Lipsmackingly moreish.

Finish: Long, sweet and smoky. A joy.

Overall: One helluva whisky. It shows a gentler side to Laphroaig, one we don’t tend to see when looking at the Quarter Cask, Triple Wood, 10yo and the (now sadly deceased) 15yo. What a cracking dram, just a shame there were only 2000 bottles of it. I must find an excuse to use the ferry more often…



  1. Ι сouldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  2. If any interest, contact me by e-mail. I have a bottle or two…

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