Since it’s Christmas (Glengoyne 15 competition)


I think I have mentioned this before, but I am a big fan of Glengoyne distillery. I had an awesome tour there, everyone I have encountered who is related to Glengoyne is genuine, the liquid is tasty and they seem to have a clear idea about the direction of their range. I cannot over emphasise how good the tour is. It is in my top 5 whisky tours (note to self: top 5 whisky tours post soon). The most recent dram of theirs I have tasted was the Teapot dram, which Jason reviewed here. I think it really showed off Glengoyne’s oily sherried style.

They seem to be a distillery that is always on the go, and this is shown again with the recent revamp/rebranding of the range. The 17 year old has changed into an 18 year old, there is a new cask strength to replace the 12 and a new 15 year old. Everything else has just been made that little bit snazzier.

(New packaging looking slick)

To celebrate their new range, and since it’s Christmas, I am giving away a bottle of the new Glengoyne 15 year old. To enter the competition, comment below saying something along the lines of: “I promise I’ll try and visit Glengoyne Distillery next year, Chris. It sounds brilliant“.

I call it a New Years resolution you will enjoy sticking to. You could win this:

Terms and Conditions (we have to have them)

1. You have to be over 18 to enter!

2. Although we love you, other drinks bloggers can’t enter. You get enough free booze as it is.

3. You have to be UK based. Sorry, I’m paying the postage (Glengoyne generously donated the bottle) and I’m not the richest man with Christmas a-coming.

4. Competition closes Sunday 16th of December at 4pm. I will announce the winner on Monday at the bottom of the comments section and I will send the bottle on Monday. Keep an eye on your emails, I may email you on Sunday asking for a postal address.

5. Other T & C’s I can’t think of. Drink responsibly, be nice to people etc etc.

Chris Ho Ho Hoban


  1. I only clicked cos it said ‘win a bottle of whisky’ but you’ve reminded me of the Glengoyne distillery tour, which I heard elsewhere is excellent. And only about 15 miles from my house. I’ll check it out. Cheers!

  2. Just learning about whisky and would love to taste this one. I will ask santa for a bottle.

  3. I’ve tasted many whiskies, but not Glengoyne 15. I’d love to try the whisky, and also visit the distillery at some point. Oh, yes.

  4. The Glengoyne distillery tour sounds great,
    Now if only I had something I could bribe my wife with so she would be the designated driver.

  5. I’ve been to Glengoyne twice and love the spirit, I’ll bring others with me if I can!

  6. Glengoyne is in my list of places to visit in 2013! Hope I get round to it!!

  7. following our Islay tour this year (Laphroaig definitely best tour) and the proposed Speyside tour next year, it would do no harm to swing by Glengoyne on the way and broaden our horizons even more.

  8. Glengoyne has lovely range of whiskies and I like their revamp of their packaging. Has anyone tried the Teapot Dram (think it is only available at the distillery)? It is a belter of a whisky!

  9. I promise I’ll try and visit Glengoyne Distillery next year, Chris. It sounds brilliant….

    I am going to do the master blenders session – that looks brilliant.

  10. I have a significant bday coming up (a zero!) and am celebrating with a distillery tour. Glengoyne has just 100% made the list! It sounds great!!

  11. I promise to visit Glengoyne because having climbed Dumgoyne and drank in the wonderful views I now have to go and drink in the wonderful whisky.

  12. Do the West Highland Way, shortly after setting off from the starting point you pass the wonderful Glengoyne Distillery, take in the views, the tour and a dram, one of the best days out in Scotland! Everyone must do this once in their life, make a promise to enjoy a day never to be missed.

  13. I’ve never visited a distillery.. next year I must, maybe Glengoyne. ;)

  14. Glengoyne do make a nice tipple so a visit is most definitely in order, Summer holiday planning has started.

  15. Glengoyne Distillery, great place to take your time in 2013.

  16. That’s two recommendations to visit Glengoyne in as many days, must be fate, so there’s my first new year’s resolution, I’m off to Glasgow.

  17. Well we’ll DEFINITELY be visiting the distillery, some friends bought us tickets for the Master Blender Session as an engagement present!

  18. I have chosen a winner. Thanks to everyone for taking part! One of you will be getting an email shortly to get your address

  19. I was there 2008 för a tour,lovely place,tasted some and bought a15 years,it was very nice,i must say that the tour-guide was a remarble man,truly a charracter worth a stop. Greets from Sweden . P

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