Win a limited bottle of Jameson for Paddy’s Day

2013 Jameson St Patricks Day Limited Edition bottle

The concept and the task are both simple enough. The kind people at Jameson have released a special bottling of their famous whiskey to support the festivities they are organising around the world on St. Patrick’s Day (it’s been available since February). More about the event later this week. For now, we have one of those little gems to give away. The good old Jameson is presented in this rather special bottle created by glass artist, David Smith. This year’s design “evokes a classic back bar mirror, in recognition of the iconic glass etching and ornate gilding that can be found in Dublin pubs where Jameson has been served for generations.”

So there you go. To be in with a chance to get it, simply leave a comment below with a short, preferably humorous, remark on what’s going on in the picture below (that’s David, the artist of course). If like me you’re a little blind, click the picture for a huge version. Graeme and I will be in Dublin on Sunday where it’s all going to be happening, but we’ll make time between a dram of Jameson and a dram of Red Breast to choose the winner. We will not be sober, mind you, so go ahead and make it as random as you will.

Following the Sunday conclusion the winner will be contacted and the bottle dispatched (make sure you leave a valid email address in the right box below). The competition is open world-wide bar Canada (thank your government for that). Good luck.



  1. Nice bottle, very good job!

  2. After painting rather than drinking his bottle of Jameson, David grabs the tub of Vaseline and smiles.

  3. “Oh my God. Do you know what this is? This is a dinosaur egg. The dinosaurs are breeding.”

  4. “Feck…now, should that have been ‘whisky’ or ‘whiskey’? Ah well, I’m sure nobody will take that much notice.”

  5. David’s obviously just figured out that he should have waited to drink the whole bottle until after he finished painting, as now he can’t even keep the bottle upright or facing him in order to paint it! :)

  6. “if I superglue this bit back on the Edinburgh whisky blog guys will never kniw I swapped their whiskey for cold tea”

  7. Putting on the gold leaf sporran to keep the Jamie-giblets covered up for the kiddies.

  8. For this bottle I’ll turn Irish for the day! Thanks!

  9. I thought you said paint a bottle for Bushmills? Just give me another 10 minutes I’m almost done repainting the back… Nobody will know once I’m done. Our secret…

  10. You want me to make how many of these?

    Feck it, hand me the airbrush.

  11. Thats my fingerprints off no one will now it was me who drunk it

  12. David decided to made meticulous preparations for spin the bottle later…he knows what the girls are like after a dram or two.

  13. “Shite no… Do you know how much drinking time that would take!? That’s what printers are for, my friend. Just take a picture of me holding this brush and we’ll just tell em it was painted.”

  14. I’ve never tried drinking Whisky through the brush. But hey, whatever flows your boat. At least there is a cup in there somewhere. Immensely strange drinking style though.

  15. Now if I smear it all over with Vaseline no one will be able to pinch it.

  16. A few touches with the brush and no one will realized I printed this bottle with my 3-D Printer.

  17. Dusting for fingerprints: “Who stole my whiskey?!”

  18. OMG! Pure art! Fr.o.m. The beginning till that i am done with it! :-)

  19. “And this is what I get for jumping at the opportunity to brush shoulders with whiskey legends. I’ll pay more bloody attention next time!”

  20. I am half Irish i need this bottle (that’s a bloody lie, but i want it ;)

  21. ‘Still not sure how I’m going to get this into that frame over there’.

  22. Just a wee bit of gold. We’re not wanting to hide this beautiful bottle.

  23. I only came in to do some wallpapering…

  24. Just stop, it was me that drank it. Just please tell me that the Vaseline on the table will not be used when you come to get me.

  25. Who cares if red or green – it looks fantastic anyway and what counts is the golden some kind of hidden part ;)
    Cheers from the German Black Forrest soon to be back in Edinburgh ;)

  26. T’was once a foine bottle of Jamie.
    Course I sipped it, but how can you blame me?
    In bold hand I now hold,
    Empty vessel brushed in gold.
    Wet tip and no nip, what a shamie!

  27. David was struggling to concentrate with the temptation of a full bottle of Jameson in his hand.

  28. “Ahh feckit, close enough. Let’s go drink it!”

  29. With his 12th dixie cup full of Jameson at the ready, a confused David intently practices his model ship building in the (now empty) bottle, blissfully unaware of the angry mob that will soon be descending upon him.

  30. Guys, deadly captions. We would love to give a bottle to each of you but we only have one and therefore…

    The winner is Melissa. We’re such horrible suckers for limericks.

  31. Congratulations Melissa. While I would have liked to be selected, I will have to agree that the limerick was a winner.

  32. Thank you!! Excited and trying to decide how quickly this bottle will be opened! :)

  33. Melissa, we’ve sent you an email, did you get it? Please send your address to us at

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