A quick beer: Ginger Grouse; you know, this stuff is quite good!

Grouse with The Famous Grouse 200L bottle

Ginger Grouse is an alcoholic ginger beer developed by Famous Grouse with a dash of Famous Grouse in it. They have been experimenting with this concept for a while (including pre-made grouse and Ginger Beer on draft a few years ago). I didn’t like the idea of the pre-mixed Ginger beer and Grouse, but I am quite interested by the actual Ginger Beer. By actual ginger beer, I mean they have developed a beer that they felt would word with a dash of Grouse. Let’s have a wee taste:


Now rather than fancy tasting notes, I’m just going to give my overall thoughts: It’s on the sweet side, many Ginger beer drinkers I know like a spicier drop, but I quite like it. It would be ideal on a summers day, in the park, with a few friends. It’s nice and refreshing. I’m not sure if I taste the whisky, but overall, it’s quite nice.

They have a suggested hot cocktail using the Ginger Grouse that I will try to make on one of the cold, snowy summers days (said the pessimist). Check this out:

Mulled Ginger Grouse recipe (serves 4):

4 x bottles of Ginger Grouse

1 x litre of pressed apple and pear juice

4 x mulled winter spice teabags

1 x orange

Grated nutmeg


Heat the apple and pear juice in a pan with the teabags until warm. Remove the teabags and add the 4 bottles of Ginger Grouse and 6 large slivers of orange peel. Heat again until warm and then serve in tankards with a sprinkle of grated nutmeg to garnish.

I’ll write about the results, but if anyone tries it before me, comment below and tell me how you got on.

Chris Hoban