Talisker Dark Storm


Dark Storm…it’s a cracking name, don’t you think? For me it not only represents the first night I visited Skye (when there was a very dark storm), but it also almost evokes a potential Transformer’s film title (Transformers 4; the dark storm cometh) or a new member of the Xmen team (Storm’s evil twin sister?). Perhaps even a film about weather control, dark matter and disaster, starring the man, the legend; Stephen Baldwin (Dark Storm-2006). I’m sure they begged Stephen Baldwin for a celebrity endorsement. I mean, look at the front cover of the film:

Either way, I like the name and I like the slight nod to whisky geekiness from Diageo. When they start to talk about heavily charred casks and youthful whisky showing a different peatiness, I get excited.

On a related point, I don’t know if I am the best person to evaluate Talisker though, as I have not always been the biggest fan of Talisker, so I quite like Storm and Dark Storm, as they are different from standard Talisker. More flavours, less overpowering pepper. I suppose what I’m trying to say, is I’d quite like to hear a die hard Talisker fans point of view on the Stormers.

I may not be Talisker’s ultimate fan, but I’ll still take a stab at reviewing Dark Storm:

Talisker Dark Storm
Airport Duty Free
About £42 quid a bottle

Nose: Apple strudel, followed by dark chocolate, resin, leather, bacon, a dusty library, a little burst of pepper and vanilla.
A lovely and complex, but somewhat restrained nose. I like its subtle, yet flavoursome notes, but someone who is expecting a smoky beast should look to another dram.

Palate: Blackcurrant, dark chocolate, lime, lemon, spice, oakiness, charcoal notes, honey, apple juice and a dry smoke. Really full flavoured and complex on the palate.

Overall: Very much a yes from me. A slightly quiet start to this storm on the nose, but the palate is very good. Rich and complex. Not the smokiest, but I don’t care. So very, very drinkable.

Chris Hoban


  1. I’ll happily tell you my opinion if you send me a snifter ;)

  2. “a dusty library” ffs. Have a word with yourself.

  3. So I am a diehard Talisker fan… I couldn’t resist walking past this offering at Duty Free, Glasgow Airport at £40 a litre bottle… I found it had more in comon with the 10yo than the Storm. I found the smokiness was more present in the nose than the tasting, but it has a lovely syrupy quality as well as the traditional Talisker flavours of smoke, salt and light peat. I was expecting the smoke to be a lot heavier, but I’m glad it wasn’t as the balance is great. The finish is not as complex as the other Taliskers in my opinion, I’d still prefer the 10yo. All in all well worth a try and a bottle I’ll get a lot of use out of I’m sure

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