A Quick Mention: London Cocktail Week


Visit London Cocktail Week! If you are in London, head to Seven Dials (Covent Garden’s Village) get a wristband and get involved. £4 cocktails, a Bloody Mary Pop up, a Belvedere Martini bar, a Monkey Shoulder Pop Up, a Buffalo Trace Pop up and much more. I could go on and I will in my blog post at the end of the week. But that blog post will be too late to get you down there, hence this quick mention.

We try and offer a service at Edinburgh Whisky Blog. If I can get even one of my readers to enjoy a fantastic cocktail at London Cocktail Week, I’ll be a happy man.

To give you an idea of how much is going on, here is just a tiny screen shot of what is happening today:

There is heaps more than this and it is going on until Sunday. I wish I was still there.

Chris Hoban