Big Peat Christmas Edition 2013


As I mentioned in my previous article, I was lucky recently to taste Douglas Laing’s new Old Particular range the other week at their lovely offices/town house in Glasgow. We tried some awesome whiskies, including an ancient Bowmore (available here) but, I’ll be honest, one dram stood a hairy beard and shoulders above the rest, and that was Big Peat Christmas Edition 2013. That isn’t meant to be a dig at the other whiskies, they were all good, but I just thought the Big Peat was the best.

And here’s why:


Big Peat Christmas Edition 2013
Available here for £46.50
A Vatted Malt including Ardbeg, Bowmore, Port Ellen and Caol ila

Nose: A punchy nose, with BBQ notes. A BBQ on a fresh cut meadow, just as the season is changing to summer. Ok, it went a bit Jilly Goulding there, but you get what I mean. Yummy BBQ notes and a grassy freshness. An ashy note and honey. Num num num.

Palate: More ash, smokey notes, a dash of fruitiness and a raisiny note. Bit of oak. Bit of fruitiness. A very rounded dram.

Finish: This is where it gets really good. A lovely sweet finish with icing sugar, marzipan and vanilla. This sweetness on the finish is amazing on such a smokey dram. I think it’s what marks it out as different from other peaty drams. The finish has this sweetness which will cause a bottle to dissapear on Christmas Day. At least, knowing the way my Christmas Days go.

Overall: Buy Big Peat Xmas Edition for Christmas. And be merry.

Chris Ho Ho Hoban