Dramboree 2014


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’re into, but we all have our geeky little obsessions that even those closest to us might not understand.

You know what? Lets just be honest – they don’t understand. What they probably do is tolerate. They don’t know why you spend hours of your free time reading books and collecting knick-nacks related to your specific fascination and they probably never will. If you’re lucky they will just let you get on with it. If your not you might find yourself having to re-think your wardrobe because your latest on theme hilarious t-shirt is just one too many. If you’re the former feel blessed. If you’re the latter send that t-shirt my way – I can always use some new clothes.

I mean it’s nice to be tolerated and all but at the same time don’t we all just want to be accepted?

That’s why we seek out groups and clubs that can cater to our inner geek and introduce us to like-minded individuals. Whether it is sci-fi conventions, monster truck rallies or the annual accountant’s leather fetish ball it’s good to be around people who understand your compulsions.

As a card-carrying whisky geek I am no different. I love being around people who do not shudder when I mention the gravity of wort or the aromatic differences between a satsuma and an overly ripe blood orange. Those are the moments that make me feel alive, dammit!

The whisky festival scene is perhaps as busy as it has ever been and there is always fun to be had, but the level of social interaction between you and your fellow whisky consumer is fairly restricted. At these events most of us want to wring out as much information from the people behind the stands pouring the whisky as possible and why not? You don’t often get the chance. But sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and have a chat/debate/massive humdinger of an argument with a fellow enthusiast.

That’s where events like Dramboree come in. Taking a large dose of inspiration from the famous Maltstock festival on the continent, two young gentlemen, Jonny Macmillan of the Great Whisky Company and Jason B. Standing of Whisky Squad fame, decided to go out on a limb and create their own gathering.

The first Dramboree was held last year and it went down a storm. 30 brave whisky-loving souls ventured into the Highlands and, amazingly, 30 whisky-loving souls came back. In one piece, I might add, and were much the wiser (in a whisky sense anyway) for it.

What can you expect at Dramboree? Well head over to the website to get a more detailed idea but to cram it in a very big booze-filled nutshell; tastings, distillery visits and amazing drams with amazing people. The two tastings that have been confirmed so far are with Highland Park’s Global Brand Ambassador Daryl Haldane and a Speyside masterclass with Mike Lord. They are keeping the rest close to their chests at the moment but I’m assured that it’s shaping up to be a pretty special weekend.

The weekend will cost you £190 and will be held over the weekend of the 4th, 5th and 6th of July (you can book your ticket here). All you’ll be expected to bring are the essentials (the ticket price covers transportation, food and accommodation while your away) and a whisky that is a little bit special that you’ve been saving to include on a sharing table to enjoy with like-minded individuals.

If that isn’t acceptance I don’t know what is.



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