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Deary me, it’s been over a month since I last blogged about whisky. Apologies to my legions of adoring fans (all 6 of you). It’s been quite a busy month in all truth – I ran the London Marathon, I went to Poland for a few days to visit the Lech Brewery and sampled some other ‘local delights’, I was whisked off to the Spirit of Speyside Festival as a guest of Chivas Bros (more on that in a later post), and I was strong-armed into watching the Eurovision Song Contest by Hoban (he bloody loves it). I shouldn’t complain, because it’s been great fun, although I now have a serious backlog of articles to write up. Better get started…

The 25yo beast sitting in front of me is Glengoyne’s latest addition to their core range. With the range already consisting of a 10yo, 12yo, 15yo, 18yo, 21yo and the Cask Strength edition, they’ve now added a cherry to the top of an already delicious cake. The Teapot Dram is also one humdinger of a sherry bomb, although you’ll have to make your way to the actual distillery to pick one of those up. I’ve long been an admirer of Glengoyne; I think they have a great cask policy, the liquid’s very tasty, and it’s very well priced too. No reason to think the 25yo will be anything other than excellent.

Glengoyne 25yo
Ex-sherry European oak
Non-chill filtered
48% ABV
£232.65 here

Nose: Toffee apples, spiced pear, juicy sultanas, singed orange peel, mulled wine spices and a sack of chopped up logs. Big and bold.

Palate: Mouthcoating – orange marmalade on toast, buttered cinnamon loaf, dark cherries, sticky fruit cake and sherry soaked raisins.

Finish: Chocolatey, with leather and a spicy clove tingle.

Overall: A pretty huge whisky. The sherry influence is there in abundance but it’s not too dry and the oak certainly doesn’t dominate, which is quite remarkable considering the spirit and the cask have been intimately intertwined for a quarter of a century. It’s a really great dram, and although the price is a bit of a hike up from the 21yo, it’s probably worth it if you want to spend a bit more on something quite special.



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