You actually know quite a lot, Grey Goose

GREY GOOSE Boulangerie François

When was your last night out made up of memories?

And I mean just memories- not a virtual breadcrumb trail of “check-ins” and photo filters but a slice of time that exists only within the gooey bits of your noggin, time that you just went out an enjoyed the company at hand which made that particular night about the people you were with and not the people you weren’t?

Social media is such a big part of our lives now that we’re almost forgetting about social intimacy (I’ve just coined that phrase. I’ll be charging for its use.)

Some of the best times of my life are becoming just a subtle whisper of a memory, like photos with foxed edges. But, I remember them with more fondness than any night that had a self-assigned photographer telling me to stand closer to the person I only met seventeen and a half minutes ago because “it suits the framing”.

I think that’s why when my better half and I attended Grey Goose’s Martini experience in the “most intimate martini bar in the world” the only thing I used my over-sized phone for was to note down the ingredients to our bespoke drinks. I didn’t take photos. I didn’t tweet my way through it. I just tried to remember the moment.

That or I’m just the worst blogger ever. In fact, it could easily be a combination of both.

As Lucas mentioned earlier this week, Grey Goose parked a very exclusive and even more interesting van in Multress walk. If you haven’t checked that out yet you can look at it here.

It boasted theatricality and deception, powerful allies to the uninitiated, but thanks to Lucas, you and I and I are initiated, isn’t that right humble reader? (YES! ORGANIC BANE PARAPHRASE!)

We were invited into the “van” to begin our session. It was with Oliver Blackburn, Grey Goose’s UK Brand Ambassador. I’d never met him before and my parents had warned me against getting into the back of a van with a stranger that offered me sweets- but they didn’t say anything about people that offered bespoke martinis. I’m all about loopholes so into the van we went.

Oliver working his magic

Oliver was very welcoming and set out what he had planned for our session before getting started. He asked both Laura and myself about our preferred tastes and dishes. He told us about his love of cooking and his passion for drinks. This is the sort of guy you want making your bespoke martinis. He listened to what we said and suggested ingredients accordingly. We ended up with two very different drinks. As I mentioned I noted down the ingredients and you can see both below-

Laura’s Martini

Volcanic rock salt
50ml Grey Goose
Velvet Falernum 5ml
Martini bitters 5ml
10 ml Lemon juice

Jason’s Martini

35ml Grey Goose
15ml Grey Goose Citron
Cider Brandy 5ml
Grapefruit bitters
8-9 Basil leaves

Unsurprisingly, each of us enjoyed our custom made martini more than the other ones. It was made to our tastes after all.

Oliver and the rest of the Grey Goose team might just be onto something with this idea. It certainly makes you think a bit more about why you’re drinking something.

Once the 30 minutes were up we had to head off so another lucky duo could enjoy their very own personalised beverages.

I just hope they have as many fond memories of the experience as I do.



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