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What a crazy couple of weeks. From a Havana tweet tasting (with the excellent floating rum shack), a stag weekend with Turbo EWB & Dr Mott (very old blog reference), a new, cracking Irish Distillers release (article coming soon), a meet the brewer with the innovative, and great to talk to Weird Beard, Grey Goose cocktails at Harvey Nichols on Edinburgh’s one day of summer (smug picture below) rounded off by tweeting at a whole weekend Gin Festival (the Scottish Juniper Fest).


After being so busy (and having lots of fun admittedly), this week has been quieter. The nice thing about a quiet week is that I can sit back, have a dram, and process everything that happened. The Dram: Glen Moray Peated (sample kindly sent by Glen Moray).

For the past few years, I think Glen Moray have been on good form. Price and quality have been there, mixed in with new, interesting cask releases. Their style is fruity, easy drinking, but still with a fair bit of flavour. This edition is slightly different though, in that it is a peated edition. Glen Moray produced their first peated batch in 2010. So let’s taste it

Glen Moray Peated

Buy it here for £23.99

Nose: Wood smoke, olive brine, fennel, charred oak, slight mossy, mucky note.

Palate: Peat smoke, charcoal, smoked meat, with a sweetness.

It’s a good whisky. Not too challenging, but with nice smoky notes. For the price it’s spot on. It’s perhaps not a whisky with wow factor, but a bottle for dramming in the house. I think the peat works, but others who tried it were not sure if the peat worked. Buy a bottle, decide for yourself.

Might be a good last minute gift for Father’s day. I’ll be spending Father’s Day with my Godson. He’s probably a bit young to be buying me a bottle of whisky. When he is old enough, Glen Moray will probably have an 18 year old peated out. Then he can buy me that.

Chris Hoban


  1. need to try that too. as well as the others…

    in Queue. I love the new G morays esp. the port

  2. A steal for this price, I side with you and say the peat works for me aswell :)

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