Auchentoshan & Ale


Auchentoshan, started in the 1820′s, have for a few years tried to break the mould when it comes to whisky marketing. Cocktails, appearances at beer festivals, and now beer and whisky mixed together.

It kind of makes sense for Auchentoshan though. Right on the edge of Glasgow, unpeated, triple distilled, slightly unusual. It doesn’t fit into the traditional Scotch distillery profile. From this, there seems to be an attitude of having more freedom to experiment with their whisky and the way that they communicate.

Although saying triple distilled is unusual in Scotland is true, there are some distillers who distil 2.5 times, and other distillers using copper purifiers, one could argue that the fruity, soft spirit Auchentoshan produce is the aim of other Scotch distillers too.

I tried the Auchentoshan & Ale at Indigo Yard, with Teddy Joseph, who works as a brand ambassador for Auchentoshan. He explained a bit about Auchentoshan and its history, and he created an Auchentoshan and Ale:

50ml of lemon and orange
Dash of mandarin bitters
2 barspoons of marmalade
35 ml of Auchentoshan
Topped up with Camden Ale

You know, I don’t normally like beer cocktails, but this one was ok. On a hot summers night, it could be quite palateable. I am not 100% sure if I would order one though, just because when I want a beer, I have a beer, and when I want a dram, I have a dram. But for those that occasionally want a slightly fruitier long serve, it could work really well.

Keep an eye out for it, and give it a bash. I’ll probably just stick to a pint and a dram though. Bit boring like that.

Chris Hoban