Speyburn 15yo

Speyburn Distillery

After years of perceived neglect, Inverhouse Distillers have revitalised the Speyburn brand somewhat, with a tummy tuck, a minor facelift, and the odd botox injection here and there. The new branding is quite sleek and unfussy, and the new 15 year old has been causing a bit of chatter in various whisky circles. I agree with Mark at Malt Review though – I could do without the fluffy marketing bollocks, but then again, Speyburn aren’t the only ones writing their press releases or website copy with thick, rose-tinted spectacles. This whisky is matured in American oak and Spanish oak casks and bottled at 46%. And that’s about as much as I’m going to tell you, because, well, that’s as much as the press release and brand website told me. Ho hum. Here goes.

Speyburn 15yo
46% ABV
£59.95 here

Nose: Vanilla custard, tinned fruit salad, clove, raisin, sultana cake, and a some sweet, fresh oak.

Palate: Gingery spice, lemon zest, the fruit salad is back with hint of woodspice and a lot of vanilla.

Finish: Really creamy – vanilla and butterscotch with a hint of lemon and bitter oak.

Overall: Nice enough, but nothing special. There are no off notes, and nothing off putting, yet there’s not much complexity at all for a 15 year old whisky. There’s fruit and spice but it’s all very simple and one dimensional. Pleasant, but nothing more.



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