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You’ll have noticed we’re not the best at time keeping here at EWB. Meeting us for a pint at 7pm? We’ll be there at half past. Tasting starts at 8pm sharp? We’ll nonchalantly rock up at 8:05pm. Whisky festival begins at midday? See you at one-ish.

In my defence, my most recent fashionably-late-to-the-party appearance is courtesy of Ryanair; thanks for cancelling my flight back from Poland, Mr O’Leary, and leaving me stranded in Eastern Europe for another 48 hours. Hence why you’ll have seen a lot of Singleton love on social media last week during the #Singleton #WhiskyFlashBlog organised by Steve over at The Whisky Wire but none of it from EWB. It’s not that I don’t like Singleton, it’s more that my sample was waiting patiently in Edinburgh, as I was waiting impatiently for a flight back to the UK from Warsaw.

Nevertheless, in true EWB fashion, here’s our better-late-than-never review of Singleton Malt Master’s Selection. The whisky is matured in a combination of refill casks, bourbon casks and sherry casks and has been designed with a clear focus on the ‘new’ whisky drinker. Whilst some old quirks of The Singleton brand have remained – the flat bottle, the green glass and the lovely Singleton font on the label – the Malt Master’s Selection is positioned as an entry level whisky (RRP of £30) with a plethora of ‘signature serves’ to entice people to mix it with all sorts of other ingredients. Here’s my take on the neat liquid.

Singleton Malt Master’s Selection
Dufftown Distillery
40% ABV
£26 here

Nose: A malty, almost doughy backbone is surrounded by muscovado sugar, toffee, perfumed/floral honey and faint raisins. There’s some orchard fruits too – apples and pears.

Palate: Bready, or even cake mix-y, to begin with. Then there’s pear skin, cooked apples, orange blossom, raisins again and some baking spice. Very light on the palate.

Finish: A gentle oaky spice (ginger?) with some chocolate-y sweetness.

Overall: Given the low price point, I didn’t set my standards too high. It was never going to be a whisky which knocked my socks off, but I can certainly see people giving this a go given the relatively small outlay for a bottle. The flavours are quite well integrated, and it will no doubt provide a good base for a cocktail (I imagine this will sit very nicely in a highball serve for example). It’s rather sessionable and I suppose that’s where it’s being positioned – get a few mates round, open the bottle and throw away the cork. A few cocktails later and you’ll be in the middle of a great night in with friends.



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