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Yes, it’s that time of year again when Glendronach release a range of heavily sherried (or port-ed) single cask whiskies. Remarkably, we’re on to Batch 17 and this time, the brand have divvied up their single cask offering into two regions, much like their sister distillery Benriach have done with their recent Batch 16 Single Cask releases. Seven casks have been made available for Europe and another seven for Asia Pacific. Here’s the full run down:

Available in Europe:

Glendronach 2007, 12yo, Cask #6769, PX puncheon
Glendronach 2005, 13yo, Cask #887, Oloroso puncheon
Glendronach 1994, 24yo, Cask #325, PX puncheon
Glendronach 1993, 25yo, Cask #5976, Port pipe
Glendronach 1992, 26yo, Cask #847, Oloroso butt
Glendronach 1992, 26yo, Cask #221, Oloroso butt
Glendronach 1990, 28yo, Cask #7905, PX puncheon

Available in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada:

Glendronach 2006, 13yo, Cask #3359, Oloroso puncheon
Glendronach 2006, 13yo, Cask #3343, PX puncheon
Glendronach 1995, 23yo, Cask #3040, PX puncheon
Glendronach 1993, 25yo, Cask #416, Oloroso butt
Glendronach 1992, 26yo, Cask #5896, Port pipe
Glendronach 1992, 26yo, Cask #113, Oloroso butt
Glendronach 1990, 28yo, Cask #2623, Oloroso butt

Uniquely, despite being based in Europe, I have the opportunity to try three of the above single casks which are being sent out to Asia Pacific. All are mid-twenties in age and we have one each from a PX puncheon, an Oloroso butt, and a Port pipe. Best get to it.

Glendronach 1995 23yo
PX Sherry Puncheon
Cask No 3040
603 bottles
52.5% ABV

Nose: Menthol cigarettes to begin, then cinder toffee, golden syrup, caramelised walnut, and dusty autumn leaves. There’s a wee struck match note too, with a hint of old tyres lurking about.

Palate: Quite tannic – leather, tobacco, copper coins, charred Christmas Cake edges, liquorice and dusty baking spices.

Finish: Dry twigs, black tea and toasted currants.

Glendronach 1993 25yo
Oloroso Sherry Butt
Cask No 416
663 bottles
51.2% ABV

Nose: Dark treacle, Red Velvet cake, gooey brownies, Morello cherries and sweet vermouth. Then some toasted raisins, orange oils and polished antique furniture along with some firm, but gentle, oak.

Palate: Silky and mouthcoating – stewed plums, dates and prunes. Then dark chocolate orange, espresso, and more cherries. There’s cinnamon stick, clove and a slight savoury (charred steak?) note too.

Finish: Very long, with thick oak, tea chest and clove.

Glendronach 1992 26yo
Port Pipe
Cask No 5896
828 bottles
49.3% ABV

Nose: Quite funky! Blueberries, strawberry parfait, raspberry, red currant, fig, and syrupy mangos and peaches. Some honeysuckle, tomato vines, green wood and unripe citrus too.

Palate: Glace cherries, rum and raisin ice cream, chocolate covered raspberries, brambles, honeycomb and melted caramel.

Finish: Gentle woodspice, syrupy fruits and an earthy oakiness.

Overall: These single cask releases just don’t ever disappoint, do they? Three more excellent whiskies from Glendronach. Instead of sampling these one by one (which I normally do), I poured all three drams at the same time so I could compare and contrast them with one another. Given their similar ages, it was a really good exercise in distinguishing the subtleties of the different cask types. The Oloroso Butt really stood out (surprise, surprise) with the Port Pipe a close second. The PX Puncheon was a little too much on the tannic and drying side for me, but if that’s what floats your boat then you’ll love it. Now to see if I can get my hands on some of the European casks…



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