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Aberfeldy has added a new, limited edition whisky to its line up, with the release of a 15 year old expression. This whisky has initially been matured in re-fill and re-char bourbon casks before being finished for 4-5 months in Pomerol red wine casks, from Bordeaux. Now, if you’ve been following my thoughts and ramblings on Edinburgh Whisky Blog for a wee while, you’ll know that I’m not too much of a fan of red wine finishes. I often find the resulting whisky can be disjointed, flabby, and at times, cloying, if the wine influence becomes too overwhelming.

Pomerol isn’t the sort of red wine to be taken lightly either, with a portion the appellation sitting on a seam of blue clay giving rise to some rather rich, truffle-y and game-y notes in the wine. When you pit this type of robust wine up against soft, honeyed, Aberfeldy spirit, it might not end well. Here’s hoping otherwise.

Aberfeldy 15yo
Pomerol Wine Finish
43% ABV
£54.95 here

Nose: Wine gums, cherry lips sweets, and raspberry compote – those wine-y notes are there but they’re not overwhelming. Then praline, butterscotch, vanilla fudge, cinnamon dusting, toffee doughnuts, some orange marmalade and light oak.

Palate: Red currants, berries, and blackcurrant are followed by Morello cherry, sweet vermouth, plum brandy, and wee bit more cinnamon. There’s some leather, sultanas, and dry oak at the end.

Finish: The oak really comes through now, with juicy Black Forest fruits and some clove.

Overall: D’ya know, that wine influence is not overpowering, nor cloying, nor overly tannic. The fruitiness and the richness from the Pomerol casks add an additional depth to the normally light Aberfeldy whisky, whilst staying nicely balanced. Any less time in those casks and it would’ve been a half hearted whisky, any longer and it may well have been too long. Really tasty and, for once, available at a rather friendly price point too.



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