Chris Hoban, the man at the right place, at the right time. People he has randomly bumped into: George Clooney, Claudia Schiffer, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Bono, Bob Geldof, Jennifer Ellison (he tried to chat her up) and that's just the famous people. He also ended up setting up Silent Discos at one point in his past after bumping into someone with the idea. Always ready to follow a crazy plan to the end. When he happened to bump into someone with a cracking idea, like Lucas, something beautiful was bound to happen. Edinburgh Whisky Blog was born.

He loves to spend time thinking up a new concept for articles. Sometimes he spends far too much time thinking, far too little time writing. His articles have fans (he hopes).

Overly fond of a drink, a lady and a dance, Chris has made his name as the moderate, calm, cool, collected and democratic of the two founders. The ying to Lucas' yang. If he had an anthem, it would be 'Why can't we be friends'.

Guest contributor to Grant's Whisky Blog, quoted in the Metro, interviewed for Whisky Magazine and even bottled his own Glenfarclas for Movember (with Master of Malt). On the other hand, he was rubbish at school, scraped through Uni on charm alone and has his English corrected by all the other bloggers. Can't have it all, eh?

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