Chris White aka Tiger grew up in the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders before heading to Auld Reekie to study at the University of Edinburgh. The eternal student, he managed to cling to the student lifestyle for more years than is socially acceptable. However, he's somehow now managed to con a large company into paying him a decent salary for pretending to know about whisky.

Several years ago, Chris (un)fortunately fell into the company of the rest of the Edinburgh Whisky Blog editors at The Scotch Whisky Experience and, after penning a couple of guest articles, was asked to join full time in the autumn of 2011. Since then, he has somewhat reluctantly acquired a reputation as the charmer, smooth-talker and all round cheeky chap of the group. Rumour has it his unparalleled banter has caused Graeme and Hoban to question their sexual orientation on more than one occasion. Never one to turn down the offer of a cheeky pint or whisky, he can often be found in one of Edinburgh’s fine drinking establishments, and is easily recognisable as the most dapper and dashing member of EWB.

As a budding whisky consultant (whatever that means) Chris is available for tastings, masterclasses, talks, staff training, and generally any whisky-related event - just drop him a line at to get in touch with him directly.

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