Can I send you a review sample?
Yes. Email us at edinburghwhisky@gmail.com and we will supply you with a postal address. Hope it goes without saying, we can’t guarantee we will write about your liquid.

I found an old bottle of XYZ in the basement, how much is it worth?
Not much. Open it and drink it with friends. If you do really think it is worth something then get in touch with www.scotchwhiskyauctions.com or McTears in Glasgow, they’re probably your best bet.

Can you help me get a job with the whisky industry?

Can you help me organise a whisky tasting in Edinburgh for free?
What did your last slave die of? We can throw you a mind-boggling tasting in a strictly commercial capacity, drop us a line.

We’re coming to Edinburgh on a stag do. What is a good place to drink whisky?
Refer to our Whisky Bars Map.

What’s the difference between scotch and whisky?
Scotch can only be made in America.

I’m contacting you on behalf of my client. We would like to write a unique guest post for you…
Piss off.

We are interested in advertising on your website.
That’s not how we roll, sorry. But you’re welcome to make a donation.

Are you affiliated with any brands/retailers?
No. We have an agreement with our mates at Master of Malt, they provide a discount for our readers but we don’t see a penny from that. International Beverage brands gave us money to revamp the website for which we are grateful but they get no preferential treatment when it comes to reviews.

Can I use your photo/words on my website?
Get in touch first, we are likely to say yes if your site is non-profit.

I just want to say how much I like your blog…
That’s really cool. No, seriously, it really is. Why not leave a comment somewhere on the website or on our Facebook page for others to see? Alternatively send us a tweet @EdinburghWhisky.

Are you single?
Some of us are. Send a photo.

Book us for a tasting

Book Us For A Tasting! Looking for a whisky tasting experience? Look no further! We've hosted hundreds of tastings catering for all budgets and themes. Let us tailor a bespoke whisky experience for you - drop us a line now at edinburghwhisky@gmail.com!

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