Glenmorangie Original

Chris’s drinking habits

It’s good having friends like Lucas. While sitting at home, trying to keep warm on a freezing Edinburgh night (this winter is unreasonably cold!) I get a text from Lucas asking me round for a wee dram. He is an excellent host because he shares his food (chips and cheese, a gentleman’s dish) and his whisky. I was out of breath by the time I got to his so we sat down and he offered me a Glenmorangie Original. Generally when we have a drink we talk about whisky, woman and life (the important things, whisky being at the top).

Lucas: “Y’know, a lot of people consider this whisky to be in their top five, Gordon for instance.”

I was at first surprised by that statement but then I thought about it a bit. You can have a lot of top fives when it comes to whisky. Do I always want a whisky that is going to challenge my senses, be over 25 years old and cost the earth? No, sometimes I want a pleasant, aromatic, slightly chocolaty and smooth whisky. That’s what this whisky is. You can sip it and talk and it doesn’t distract from the conversation but is warming and tasty. It’s also cheap for a single malt and worth every penny.

Chris: It is definitely an excellent session whisky. It’s good to have in the house and is excellent to have after a long hard day. I prefer the Glenmorangie Astar for tasting though (this is cask strength, no messing about for me).

Luc: I haven’t had Astar yet. Shame on me cause I hear stories left, right and centre. I stocked up on the Original before Christmas in Sainsbury’s. Under £17!

Some info on Glenmorangie

Formed in 1843, by the Sixteen men of Tain, Glemorangie has established itself as one of the Biggest Single Malt producers and sellers in the World. Bought by Moet Hennessey in 2005, Glemorangies new expression range includes the original, several different wood finishes, an 18 year old and a 25 year old. There is also a limited edition cask strength (Astar) and Signet which we will be tasting and profiling as soon as we can afford it.

The Original

Mixture of first fill Bourbon Casks and the Glenmorangie Designer casks. Glenmorangie is not putting so much emphasis on age for their expression range but the original will be over 10 years old. 40% ABV.


Lucas: BTW Chris, It’s all very noble of you to say I’m a good host but where is the ice swan sculpture you promised after that memorable dinner at my place?

Chris: Do not worry Lucas. When I finish carving the ice sculpture, importing the caviar and building the chocolate fountain, I will invite you around for dinner.

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