Naked Scot


While browsing through the Internet, I stumbled across this bottle. Naked Scot is a whisky owned by Australian ASM Liquor. The company’s plan seems to be to avoid chemicals to improve your hangover experience. As I am suffering a particularly brutal hangover today, I believe this is a noble cause. I guess the problem is that the hangover is generally the product of : dehydration, lack of salt/sugar and being haunted by something that happened the night before (that you can’t quite remember, but you know was not good). Even so, every little helps, right? I ask this question while clutching my banging head.

It is a blend of  whisky distilled on the Isle of Mull (Tobermory/Ledaig) and other whiskies. It is matured for three years before being shipped abroad to sell.

In the interest of science, myself  and Lucas will test this hangover claim soon.


Lucas: I’m not quite sure if there is any point, Chris. ASM claim that their whisky is free from residual herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Those may enhance hangover slightly but still the main cause is dehydrogenated ethanol – acetaldehyde. It’s not only in your whisky already when you drink it, but also your own body produces it from ethanol in your bloodstream as soon as you start drinking. The enzyme that is responsible for it is called alcohol dehydrogenase and is stored in your liver, mate. Well, you’ve probably got none left at this stage, but don’t worry, your body will make more. You are quite lucky there, some people, especially from Asia, don’t have this ability and drinking alcohol can be a  very dangerous and unpleasant experience for them.

Funnily enough it’s the acetaldehyde and, to certain extent, the product of it’s further oxidation, acetic acid that give whisky quite a lot of pleasant flavours and aromas (fruity and peardroppy for instance). So either you have it tasty or you have a friendly hangover. You choose. The second wee devil that gives you thumping head is methanol, traces of which can be found in every whisky, including Naked Scot. Tough luck.


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