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In Whiski Bar: Gary, Chris (15) and David

That was quick. It took Whiski Bar & Restaurant’s owners, Anne and Gary, a week and a bit to get us down there again for a dram and a chat, following the review of our spectacular Edinburgh Whisky Blog Pub Crawl.

Chris and I were standing on the Royal Mile 5min before the meeting and the moods were rather grim. In our eyes we were facing decapitation and feeding to the crabs from the Forth Bridge. You know that clan leaders would sometimes invite their enemies over, get them merry on whisky and then kill them. We feared  similar plans there.

Chris and Gary‘Look at the bright side, mate, they will probably give us whisky before they do it’. Chris, you always manage to console me, even in the darkest of hours.

A quick sign of a cross and in we go. Recognition, greetings, handshakes, names… whisky. All according to the Dark Plan. We started chatting to Gary and David, the General Manager. No dilly-dally there. They were not happy with the review, they didn’t think we did them justice and they were sorry we felt the way we did on the night. You don’t say these things when you are planning to murder someone, do you? Hope!

David said to me that he had worked in bars for 17 years and he was yet to see a customer coming through the door, whom he wouldn’t be happy to see.

They did more than enough to make us feel welcome and to convince us we were wrong about their service. They fixed their mistake and now, ladies and gentlemen, is time for us to fix ours.


It must have taken the owners years to assemble this interior. It’s rich and eclectic, filled with memorabilia, pictures, bottles and other stuff. It makes this rather large bar feel very cosy and warm. My favourite piece of furniture is the whisky cabinet of course.

What’s on offer

They have an amazing selection of malt whiskies, mainly from Scotland but not only. They try and stock interesting new bottlings, like the Octomore from Bruichladdich. I can reveal that Black Bowmore will be available there soon, which will make them the only bar in Edinburgh to sell such an expensive whisky. I know of only two other bars in Scotland that sell it, one on Islay and one in Aberdeenshire. Wondering what it’s going to cost for a dram…

The cocktail menu at the Whiski Bar showcases how versitile the drink is! They utilise single malt whiskies with strong, bold flavours for this purpose, rather than neutral tasting blends, which gives their cocktails unique character. Here are some examples with prices:

alice-in-wonderland1WHISKY JACK £5.95
Refreshing sweet and fruity to the extreme! Isle Of Jura Malt Whisky 10 Yr Old, peach schnapps and shaken with cranberry juice.

A warming whisky drink with a taste of Islay. Lagavulin 16 Yr Old Malt Whisky, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup shaken and charged with ginger ale.

Lively morning sea breeze with a zing of fruit. Coal Ila Malt Whisky, apricot brandy, lemon juice, mint leaves and sugar syrup, stirred and then served long.


They are very active events hosts. To mention but a few: ‘Foot Stomping – Traditional Scottish Fiddle Music’, ‘Islay Whisky Tasting Night’ and all of the Rugby Six Nations games screenings. Read more about what is available at the moment on their website.


You could hardly wish for a better location for a bar and a restaurant. It’s on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, roughly half-way between the Castle and the Scottish Parliment, almost on the junction of the Royal Mile and North Bridge. You can find it easily on our map.


What a come-back! We truly think this bar is brilliant. Whether you are a malt whisky lover or an occasional drinker, whether you are alone or with a group of 30, visit Whiski Bar and they will sort you out. Recommended.


The tasting they invited us to was of Springbank whiskies. It was courtesy of the manager of Cadenhead’s store on the Royal Mile. We sampled Hazelburn new make spirit, Hazelburn 8 yo, Springbank new make spirit, Springbank 10 yo, Springbank 15 yo, Longrow new make spirit, Longrow 10 yo and Longrow Gaja Barolo. The post dedicated to the tasting will be out soon so stay tuned in. For now I can say it was crazy!


Happy Springbank Tasting

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